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Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Well...this year Christopher was to be 'Spongebob' but things really didn't go as planned. Thursday night we met some friends at Barnes N Noble for Halloween storytime. The kids got to dress up and go trick or treating in the store. It was cute, although Christopher didn't want to wear his costume. He put it on for about 5 seconds...and that was it.
Then on Halloween we went to the Atlantis Marine World Aquarium for some more Halloween activities.....again, it was cute, but he didn't want to wear the costume for more than that 5 seconds. At night we visited both sets of grandparents. At my parents he went with his cousins to 3 houses and had had enough. So...'Spongebob' might be back next year since no one really got to see him!

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