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Friday, April 27, 2012

Showing my age….

TGIF!! Happy ‘almost’ weekend my bloggy buddies….for those of you that are still around! LOL!  I am still here, still crazy and still trying to get better at blogging. The sad part is, I have so many things I want to blog about and just haven’t yet. But I will.

Today I wanted to show you something fun I did a few weeks back. Now, this is where I say I am showing my age…lol. Were any of you lovers of the ‘orginal’ Beverly Hills 90210??? Well, if you are around the same age as me, yes, 36, then I am sure you were. I think we all had a crush on Brian Austin Green! One of the actors that I loved then and love even more now is Tori Spelling. Now that she is older and married with her own kids, I feel like I can relate to her so much. No, I cannot relate to growing up a zillionaire and having a ‘wrapping’ paper room in my house, but I can relate to the trials and tribulations of motherhood and being a wife.  She seems like the most down to earth person in Hollywood. I have watched her grow on her most recent television shows where she really doesn’t hold anything back. She has written a few books and just released her newest one, CelebraTORI.

Now, I also subscribe to her website where she had posted a schedule of book signings. Well, wouldn’t you know it, she was coming to a Barnes and Noble near me…lol!! I knew I had to go. I also knew that I wanted to bring her something handmade since she is a crafty Momma just like me. She had her most recent daughter Hattie a few months back and I thought a little present for her would be nice. I decided to make a pillow.


The day of the book signing came and I packed up the kiddos we were off. We waited on line for almost 3 hours from the time we got our wristband to the time we actually met her.  Thank God Anthony fell asleep on the way there and slept almost right up until we saw her. I know, what as I thinking taking two little kids to a book signing?? LOL! Christopher had brought his Ipod and so he was occupied most of the time.

Waiting on line…..

As we got closer we were able to see balloons….

And finally we turn the corner and we get to see her up close!!


You could tell that she was taking the time to have a quick conversation with each guest and she even took pictures with those that wanted to.

When we got up there we gave her the present that we had made for baby Hattie and she seemed so appreciative. She is preggers again and so we said congratulations to her and wished her family well. Her son Liam is about Christopher’s age so Christopher told her to tell her son Liam that he said ‘hello’. She told Christopher that she would tell Liam ‘What’s up’ since that was probably cooler to say for kids their age!! LOL! 

And then we took our picture with her…..and of course my eyes were closed!!

Note, Anthony had just gotten up and was still in the stroller in no mood to pose for a picture!

So, thanks to Tori Spelling if you ever read this…lol! It was great to meet you and your new book is amazing!!

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday…..

Yoda…(maybe more like a sad puppy)…lol!

Happy Hump Day…

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday….

Some birthday pictures…..yes, a few days late!! LOL!






Happy Hump Day….

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hello, hello… anybody out there??  I know, I have vanished these last 2 weeks. Are you still reading?? It seems like I have been starting my last few posts with excuses for not blogging. But this time I have ‘real’ reasons for being so busy. You see, it was both of my boys’ birthdays last week. Yes, both kids within 5 days. By the way, did I ever tell you that I actually had the same due date for both of my kids? What are the chances of that happening?? LOL!  Anthony turned 3 and Christopher turned 6.

So, the simple fact that we have have celebrated 5 times so far and still have to have one more family party, well, it has simply worn me out! First there are the school parties and bringing in snacks for that. Then I took Anthony and a few of his little nursery school buddies to bounce house place and had a ‘mock’ party so Anthony thought we was having a celebration with his friends. Then, I had my family over to celebrate. Then we had a Chuck E Cheese party. And we still need to have my husbands side. Really?? How many times do we need to sing ‘Happy Birthday’?? LOL!

The boys wanted an ‘Angry Birds’ themed party but since we were having it at Chuck E Cheese, there were only so many things that we could do ‘Angry Birds.’  I went on Etsy and ordered an ‘Angry Birds’ party package where a designer designed all sorts of Angry Birds decorations….such as cupcake toppers and wrappers , Hershey wrappers, banners, food display signs, etc. She personalized it with the boys’ names and so all I needed to do was to print and cut out the pieces. Perfect. I also found a site where there was a free template for Angry Birds faces. Originally they were used for balloons, but I just shrunk them and used them on the goodie bags. All I did was cut out the faces and glue them on to colored bags.

Here are the goodie bags, I think they came out pretty good!


One of the items included in the goodie bag was a full size Hershey bar. I did not wrap the bar in foil first like I would normally do. I just used the wrapper since they are kids and they would just be tearing it off to eat the candy within seconds…lol!


And these are the cupcake toppers. I punched out the circles and just taped them to a toothpick and inserted into the cupcakes.

Ok…that’s it for today. Stop back tomorrow and I will show you some pictures from the party!!

Have a great day…..