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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas recap….

The aftermath of Christmas is still upon us. There are boxes everywhere, toys to still be put together and leftovers to be discarded. But all in all, we had a great Christmas. The kids got everything on their lists and more. So much that it opens up another project of re-arranging the playroom and the toy closet. Great, more work!! LOL!

Christmas Eve we did the big Italian fish dinner with my side of the family at my parents house. The kids had a ball with their cousins and Santa even made an appearance!

Then we opened all of the presents that Santa left at our house Christmas morning…..

Now, by this time I am exhausted, but I need to man up because I am having 20 people over for Christmas dinner. Yes, my husband’s side this time. Thank goodness it all went pretty smoothly. Well, except for the fact that I almost burned the prime rib. But that is a whole other story….lol. I was so busy that I barely took any pictures. We managed to snap a quick photo when we were opening presents yet again!

Geez, I am glad it is all over. Holidays are a lot of work. Now, on to a better New Year and hopefully back to regular blogging!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I will be okay….

I am still here. I have been completely overwhelmed. And not because of Christmas as I had been telling you in my last post. Sadly, we have had 2 deaths over the last 2 weeks. And one was my half brother. Not that any of you even knew I had a half brother because I have never mentioned him. I actually have two brothers. We were not close in our adult life, yet we were together constantly when we were kids. He was a only 30. 

I am emotionally and physically drained. I am so behind on my shopping and wrapping because of what happened, and understandably so. I haven’t even thought about what I am cooking for the 25 people that are coming for Christmas. But it will all be okay. I will be fine. I will do what I can and if something isn’t done the way it would normally be done, well, then, so be it.

Life it too short to worry about the small stuff. I hope that something positive comes of the sadness from these last 2 weeks. And I know it will. I know I for one am going to re-evaluate the things that are important in my life. 

I have missed all of my bloggy buddies and I hope to be back to ‘normal’ soon!

Friday, December 9, 2011

A shopping discount…

TGIF!! Hope you all are having a great week. Christopher is off today for parent/teacher conferences. So, I am bracing for a ‘good report’… I am sure it will fine.

welcome to our classroom

I just wanted to let you know about a little discount for my Etsy shop that is going on. Head over to visit my friend Daphne from Flip Flops and Pearls to check out the details. And while you are there, stay while, she is a great Southern gal with a beautiful family. I just love the accents on those ladies….lol!

Off to meet the teacher…….

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday….

Holiday cheer is filling the air around our house!  To keep with the spirit and to de-stress from all my shopping, I went to get my nails done the other day.
Cute, right??


Happy Hump Day…..

Friday, December 2, 2011

A message from Santa…

TGIF!! Hope everyone is having a great week. Are you gearing up for another weekend of crowded malls?? I know I will be one of those people STILL scouring the racks for the perfect presents….lol. But, I have crossed a lot off of my list this week, so that is a big accomplishment!

One thing my kids always look forward to this time of year is a personalized email from Santa. Hello, when we were kids we were lucky to get a LETTER from Santa. But I guess now he emails!! Someone had told me of a site a few years back and I wanted to share it with you. Many of you may already know it. It is

It takes a few minutes to get set-up, but it is worth it. You are able to customize the message with a photo of your child. You can also add in their age, grade and what item they most want this year. It even lets you add pictures of important events that may have occurred with your child so Santa can look back and ‘see what kind of year’ your child has had.

It really is very fun! When I told my kids they got an email from Santa this week, they were jumping up and down!! And of course we watched it a gazillion times. Check out the site, your kids will thank you. Oh, and I use it as leverage when the kids are bad too. Santa can always resend his email to put your kiddo on the NAUGHTY list…!

Have a great weekend….