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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday on a Thursday…

Hello bloggy buddies!! Hope everyone is having a great summer so far. We are. It is actually flying by. We are constantly going from the minute these kids open their eyes to the minute they lay their heads on the pillow. Blog world always seems to quiet down in the summer and I guess I have been no different since I haven't blogged in weeks!! Sorry. 

Here is a quick re-cap of the summer so far in pictures…..

We put our boat in the water this year instead of trailering it back and forth. What a better idea….lol! We have been using is so much more. The boys play DS in the cabin as we get ready to sail.

We are so fortunate to live near the water that we can take walks on the pier often. We walk and eat ice cream….a winning combination!

The kids are in camp in the mornings. So I have had the pleasure of having a few hours to myself. I usually window shop and look at things like this (really, who is wearing theses??). 

The house still needs to be taken care of and the grocery shopping still needs to get done.  It is much harder with the two kids. But thank god for these car shopping carts!

We caved in and bought the inflatable pool. The weather in NY has been like living in a dessert. It is unbearable. This pool is perfect. It keeps the kids cool and it is still in their comfort zone because it is only 3 feet. I sit in it too!!

I will check back in again soon. Enjoy the rest of the week…..

Friday, July 6, 2012

Better late than never…..

Yes, 2 weeks have gone by and I was supposed to post some more end of the school year projects. I am horrible. I know. But the summer is tough. We are usually out all day and night and the computer barely gets turned on. But the positive thing is that I have a ton of posts in my head that I can write when I do have the time!!

Christopher’s kindergarten teacher loves to fish. So I knew that I wanted to make her something ‘fish’ related. I had chipped in with rest of the class for a group gift, but wanted to do something extra for her since Christopher had such an amazing year.

I was shopping at Michael’s and came across these cute fish notepads. I picked them up and figured I would incorporate them into the gift.

Then I was at Marshall’s and saw these great fish tumblers…..

Now I knew I needed to make something with a fish. I thought a pillow would be fun. I made a fish applique for the pillow. I had Christopher then write her name on it and I hand embroidered it. I think it came out great!

The back….
I wrapped it all up and she loved it!!

Until next time, have a great weekend…..