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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Projects I have been working on....

As you know, I have been sewing these last few months. Well, trying to sew. I had made those little summer dresses that I posted and now I am making bags. I have an obsession when it comes to purses. I think all women do. Here are some pictures of some of the bags I have been working on.

This first one is a wristlet. I wanted it for when I am just running into the store quick and just need to take my money, phone and keys. It has been working out great. I added the purple ribbon and the butterfly for decoration.

The next one is a coin purse. It is slightly bigger than a coin purse, but that is what I am using it for. I used a different fabric for the inside just to change it up a bit. I also added some beading on the front. Not to bad, right?

This next one is more like a toiletry bag. It is bigger than the picture makes it out to be. I guess I can use it when we go away. Really, where am I going?? Nowhere. But it is cute. I used the opposite materials of the coin purse. I added ribbon and did some beading on this one as well but you can't really see it.

Lastly, is my animal print bag. It is great when I need to just run out to the store and don't want to take my huge diaper bag. Again, really, when am I going out alone?? But I thought I needed some print for fall. I added a pocket on the inside too. I still need to find a jewel or different button for the front flower.  

I am going to swing over to my friend Alllie's and link up my new bags. Check her out....she is always creating something that I love :)

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday...

'Mario' licking the bowl after making brownies...

Anthony on the kitchen floor...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Misecellany Monday....

Another week is upon us! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here are my random musings for today. Enjoy!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

ONE. I don't think I have ever really eaten mayo. Sounds crazy, I know. I don't eat macaroni or potato salad or even tunafish. No wonder I have a child who is a picky eater. Anyway, I was on the computer looking up home made hair masks the other night and came across a bunch that contained different household ingredients. So yesterday I decided to slap a jar of mayo on my head. I have to say, the smell on my hands and hair almost made me sick. But after 20 minutes, my hair was so soft and shiny. Go MAYO!!

TWO. Taking two kids shopping in Target is never fun. And it is sad, because I love Target. I could spend hours in there. But my trips are cut short because the kids don't last that long. Well, as we shopped yesterday, Christopher decides he needs to pee. No, he couldn't hold it and he forgot to go before we left the house. Typical. And I am sure you know that you cannot take a shopping cart into the restroom. So, we go over to the restroom and I stand with the door open so I don't have to take Anthony out of the cart. I let Christopher go in the first stall. I watch him, he goes, washes his hands and we are done. Well, wouldn't you know, 5 minutes and 3 aisles later, he now has to poop. The child has never pooped in public. Ever. I ask him if he really has to go. He says yes. He really, really has to go. Now we head back to the restroom. I have to take Anthony out of the cart this time because Christopher can't go in to poop alone. We all go in, get him set up and I am waiting. Nothing is happening. He turns and looks at me and says "Mom, I was just joking." Ever want to strangle your child : )

THREE. I met my first blog friend in real life. Well, via webcam. My BFF Allie has a great site that I came across months ago. We seem to have a lot in common and email regularly. She is an amazing crafter and seamstress. I am sure you have heard me talk of her before. Well, we decided to Skype on Friday. It was only for a few minutes because I had to go pick Christopher up from school. When I was thinking about it, it is kind of random. You can meet someone out in cyberspace and then can see them sitting in there living room half way across the country. Technology is amazing. But is goes to show that out of blogging you can meet some great people and make real friends : )

Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF!! I feel like this week has dragged. I guess running on minimal sleep has something to do with it : )
Well, I will have you all know that Anthony finally made some friends of his own yesterday. I took him to his first Mommy and me gym class. I know, a little late. The poor second child doesn't participate in a class until he is 18 months while the first born was enrolled at 4 months. Go figure. Anyway, he did great. I think he was confused with all of the other little people. He is not used to being around kids his own age since he is always with Christopher's friends. It was interesting to see the mom's. You could tell they were all with their first child....I was the oldest one there!! But I think it is going to be great for him. Next week I will take some pictures to share.

Anyway, I haven't participated in any Friday linky parties in awhile so I think I will today. A big 'WELCOME' to any new visitors. Feel free to take a peek into my crazy but fun life.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

This time last year....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How cute are these...

I forgot to share something with you. I won a giveaway from a fellow bloggers' site as few weeks ago. It was a gift certificate to the Amy Adele website. She does custom stationary, note cards, invites, labels, etc. I had no idea what to order since everything was just so darn cute. Well, I do a cookie exchange each year with my girlfriends. I also bake for Christopher's teachers and the ladies in the office at his school. So I ordered these flat note cards that I can attach to my cookies. All I have to do is print in the persons name : )

I also was able to order these labels. I figured I would just plop them on all of the million presents I have to wrap for Christmas. It will save me time having to write so much.

Check out Amy's won't be disappointed.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Miscellany Monday...

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It is time again for Miscellany Monday. Happy ramblings : )

ONE. So, just recently I converted Anthony's crib into a toddler bed. You all think I am crazy, but it had to be done. He is getting better with sleeping in there at night. Well, I should say, going to sleep but not staying in there. He has been walking out around 5am to come in my room. But as far as naps....he refuses. I have had to drive him around in the car a few times just to get him to nap. When we are home, he just fights it. This is how I found him on Friday afternoon.....

TWO. Saturday night we were invited to my neighbor's daughters Sweet Sixteen. I have not been to one probably since I was 16...almost 20 years ago!! Well, boy have things changed. I think alot of these girls watch to many of these reality show. It was like a wedding. And we do weddings big in NY, so this was big.
It was a beautiful place, the food was excellent and the kids had a great time. And for the hubby and I, it was a night alone. I feel bad for all of you with little better start saving now : )

Just look at the gown on the guest of was poofier than my wedding gown!

Me and my hubby...

THREE. Why do companies have to send these Holiday toy catalogs before it is even Halloween?? We have gotten a bunch already and Christopher has not stopped asking me for every toy in creation. I keep saying 'put it on your list.' Sometimes rushing it makes you over the Holidays before they even get here!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

We need this...

Lately I have been saying that I need more time to myself. I need a vaction. I want to be alone, just for five minutes. And my friend Shannon mentioned yesterday that she too needed to create a space for herself. It got me thinking. I found this article a few weeks ago and thought now is the time to share it. This is what we need as wives and mothers. A place to call our own....

This woman built this this cottage and decorated it all by herself for $3000. There is no bathroom or kitchen...but I would be fine with that : )

So makes you want to just sit and read a book.

Just look at that loft bed....

My hubby has always wanted to buy land and build a cabin. I showed him this article and told him that I wanted a cottage like this one just for myself. Hopefully one day both of our dreams will become a reality.

So, who wants to chip in with me??

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of School... starts again :)  Christopher had his first day of Pre-K yesterday. No, I was not nervous. This is his third year at St. Joseph's and he loves it. He couldn't wait to go back. And, yes, he did start when he was 2.5 years old. Nursery school was great for him. It was only an hour and a half  two times a week and it really started to teach him sharing and interacting with other kids. Now he will be going 4 days a week for 2.5 hours. One of those days is gym where they get to run around and do obstacle courses, play games, etc. Our school starts the first day for only and hour to get the kids used to going back. So Wednesday will be his first full day. Now next year when he goes to Kindergarten, then I will be a mess. It will be culture shock, full day 5 days a week. We are not early people here. His school is from noon until 2:30 so we still get to take our sweet time in the morning. Well, actually his gym day will be from 9am-11:30am. Not sure how we are going to do that..LOL! Here are some pics...

In the house before we left...

Making our way out the front door...

In front of the tree at school...

With his friend Sophia outside the classroom...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Miscellany Monday....

Happy Monday all! Here in NY the kids start school late. Most schools started last week, but the Pre-K  kids start today. So today is Christopher's first day. Our school only has them only go for an hour the first day just to get them used to going again. He can't wait to go. I guess he has had enough of the summer and is ready to see most of his friends again. I will post pics tomorrow. But I am glad that we will be getting back into a routine seeing as the summer was a big free-for-all! Here are some of my random musings for this Miscellany Monday:

ONE. I am offically a 'SOCCER MOM.' Christopher started soccer on Saturday. It was so cute. The team is mixed with boys and girls....funny enough, the entire team except for 2 kids are all of my friends and their children. Christopher did great, especially for never being on a soccer field before. He even scored the first goal..I was so proud! And no, I am not getting a mini van to go with the stereo type...LOL!

TWO. Since today we are getting back into the routine of school, I started exercising this morning. I kind of slacked for awhile....the entire summer to be exact. I think I am the only person in the world who works out to Billy Blanks' Tae Bo DVD's. I have to say...I hate exercising. But if I don't, I will definately gain back all of the weight I lost...the 45 lbs. that I had gained with Anthony and then another 20lbs. I think this is the skinniest I have been since I was 10. Thanks Billy : )

THREE. As much as I am excited for Fall and can't wait to wear leggings and some oversized sweaters, does anyone else feel like we might was well just add the 100 black plastic bracelets to the outfit and 4 pairs of socks?? I feel like I am reliving my tween years with all of these trends. Now we have colored jeggings and the big belts back too. It is so funny how everything really does come back.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I took the plunge...

I did it. I really didn't want to. My whole life is going to change. What now? Will I ever have peace of mind again? You are asking yourselves, "what the heck is she talking about?" Okay, maybe it isn't that serious. But it is going to make my life alot harder. I converted Anthony's crib to a toddler bed!! I had to. That little stinker was using his little toes to climb up the side and practically hang upside down. I don't want him to get hurt. But now he is going to just walk right out of his room and I was not prepared for that yet. He is still little, only 17 months. No more putting him in the crib and shutting the door for a nap or at bedtime. He was usually awesome. I would plop him in there and see you later! Now he is realizing that there are other things going on when I put him down and he is not having it.

So, I made the crib into a toddler bed yesterday afternoon. I put him in there for a nap and he thought it was a joke. He would come walking out laughing. I would bring him back in and he would walk right back out. This went on all day. Until finally at 3pm did I decide to leave to go to the store, and wouldn't you know, that little devil fell asleep in the car before I even left my block. So back home we went. Bedtime went the same way. I had to sit on the chair in his room in order to watch him so did not get up. Eventually he fell asleep. And then this morning he came walking in my room at 6:30am. I guess things are not going to stay easy forever. Kids do have to get bigger and this is just the next phase in his life. The other thing is, now Christopher wants to sleep in there with him. The toddler bed it too little for 2 kids!

Note: Mario in now Darth Vader..LOL!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Happenings....

TGIF....and that it is a 3 day weekend!! Well, I know I have said it before, I still get excited for long weekends even though I am home everyday...LOL! The weather is crummy today as we are supposed to get the tail end of 'Hurricane Earl.' I am sure it is going to be nothing. But needless to say, it is a crummy day.

So, I just have to tell you about yesterday for a quick second. We were having a nice day at the water spray park with some friends and my nieces and nephews. My one sister was not there, but her kids were. They came with the sitter. I guess my nephew Jimmy, who is 7, accidentally got a woman wet while playing. He had his hand over the water spout and it went shooting on some woman. The sitter saw and yelled at him to stop. Well, this woman went nuts yelling at Jimmy. The sitter said it was an accident but the lady kept yelling. She was calling him by his name, saying "Jimmy, I am waiting to hear something. Come on Jimmy. It starts with an "s". Let's go Jimmy." Now the sitter got mad and her and the woman start yelling. We are in a water park. They are kids. You are going to get wet. Where do you draw the line. Should you reprimand someone else's kids, especially calling them by name when you don't even know them?? Apparently this woman wanted and apology, which he should have said sorry. But she went off. Needless to say, the sitter took the kids and left!! Someone always has to ruin a good thing.

This is all the kids playing and having would expect to
get wet, wouldn't you?

Here are my kids after 2 hours...ready for some relaxng.

So, my next thing is this. Here is a picture of my bedroom. I hate this furniture. It is 10 years old and the husband picked it out. It is way to "guido" for me. But I went along with it at the time.

What are these next pictures you ask??

These are my kids handprints all of the mirror behind the bed!! There is a little shelf underneath the mirror and the kids think it is fun to jump off on to the bed. I clean this mirror two times a day!! I think I use more paper towels and windex than any other person in the world. No wonder I don't have time to blog :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010