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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another thing named for me???

As you all know, we got a new boat a few weeks ago and the hubby surprised me and named it "My Jenni II" (he occasionally calls me Jenni, so it was very cute and thoughtful). Well....I just had another item named for me....this time it is a beautiful dress! My BBF (blog buddy forever) Allie is an amazing seamstress and all around creative guru. You may have heard me mention her before. She is the one who inspired me to start sewing. Not that I will ever hold a candle to her...but I now want to learn something and I owe it to her.

Well, the other day she posted a picture of a dress she made for her adorable daughter. I commented that I would love to see a 'mommy version' and low and behold....a few days later...a mommy version appeared. It is gorgeous!! She names all of her items and she named the little version "Jenn" and the big version "Jennifer." I am so flattered. I told her she needs to open an Etsy shop....and when she does you all better buy from her...LOL!

So, check out her site and look at the new "Jennifer" dress...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I know I am late posting today...but boy, we just can't get our act together in the mornings! My husband always says the kids and I are on 'bartenders hours,' we stay up late and get up late. But I would rather enjoy it now before I am forced to get up early when Christopher goes to kindergarten. And I am not participating in my usual Top 2 Tuesday because it is about perfume and I hate perfume! I guess I am not a true girlie girl...

Anyway, we stayed at the pool today after swimming lessons. Christopher seems to like it so far...but that may change when they want him to go under water. We shall see. And so a few of my girlfriends met me there for an hour and we just let the kids play. And I thought to myself....I am so glad I have my friends in my life. I seemed to have found a great group of people and we all mesh well. I know that can be difficult with women. I think I may like my friends better than my own family sometimes.....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Another busy day today...Christopher is starting swimming lessons. This should be interesting. So my musings for this Monday are going to be short and sweet.....

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

ONE. Are there ever times when you just want to punch someone in the face because they are so annoying?? I felt that twice this weekend. Thank God I am a lover and not a fighter..LOL!

TWO. My Anthony is such a terror.....but so cute that I think he is going to lead a life of crime and get away with it. And why do my children know that when they do something wrong...they try to hide??

THREE. I have realized that after having 2 natural childbirths, your body will never look like it did before, no matter how hard you try. I guess all of these stretch marks are a 'labor' of love!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Linky Parties...

Friday's are hoppin' with linky parties!! I feel busy, who's party should I go to first? LOL! We have another fun beach day planned today, so I don't even have time for Five Question Friday. Have a great weekend everyone....

New Friend Fridays

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New summer do...

So, alot of you have asked me to post pics on my new summer haircut. I have to say, I am not one of those people who is really attached to their hair. I have had every different color and every length. When I first met my hubs, my hair was very short, like Halle Berry. I had to shave the back of it every week to maintain the style. Well, after I had Anthony I decided to grow it out. It was pretty long. My hair is not that thick, so it gets straggley. I end up putting it in a ponytail all the time. I bought a curling iron and started to curl it, you know, to have 'beachy waves.' But it took too much time and with 2 kids, who has time? So I chopped it to an angled bob. It is so much easier for the summer. I do miss a ponytail though. I will probably keep it like this for a few months and then let it grow out again.

Long and straight...

Trying to add a wave with the curling iron...


Side view...

Wearing another dress I made....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday...

Bedtime routine....chocolate milk and costumes!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is it only Tuesday?? Seems like this week is dragging. My kiddos were driving me nuts yesterday. All I know is that it seems like linking up to all of these different 'theme days' really makes blogging easier..LOL! Hosted by The Undomestic Momma, today's Top 2 Tuesday is 'items you want to puchase.' How realistic or unrealistic should I be here?

ONE. I am going to go with hair extenstions. This is a purchase I would make if I had money to throw in the street. My hair was actually pretty long and I just chopped it. But when it gets long, it gets a little straggley (is that real word?) and then I don't like it. Extenstions would make it nice and full and make me look like Kim Kardashian!!

TWO. I am going with a new bedroom set. Our old one is not in bad shape, but it is dated. My hubby picked it (and remember we are Italian), so there is so much laquer that you can actaully see yourself in it!! I would like a new dark wood set. Something more romantic and warm. But I guess there is no reason to throw away a set that is perfectly fine. I may have to accidentally break a few draws while he is a work..LOL!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello All...hope everyone had a nice weekend. We did...filled with lots of outside activities. The weather has been so hot have to either stay inside or be submerged in water. I am so not liking does nothing for your hair either. Anyway, here are my random Miscellany Monday musings. Enjoy!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

ONE. Our kids will never experience the thrill and excited of waiting anxiously for the ice cream man since now you can 'text' him your address and he comes!! Isn't that crazy?

TWO.  I have come to to the conclusion that my life with two boys is going to be forever like a wrestling ring and I will be the referee. I am just going to tape my voice saying "stop hitting him," "stop jumping on his head," "stop poking him in the eye." Is there a CD I can just buy with all of the things we find ourselves saying? If not, I am patenting one now!!

THREE.  I was at the park the other day and met a woman who also had two boys. The looked alike so obviously I asked if they were twins. She said no that they were 15 months apart, born on the exact same day. Her older son was 3 months when she got preggers again. Who in their right mind is even having sex with a 3 month old baby??? Wow...I know I wasn't!! Better her than me....

FOUR.  I too, like Carissa just chopped off a good 10 inches off my hair. Carissa - we have the same new hairdo and I am officially missing my ponytails too : )

Friday, July 16, 2010

Follow Me Chickadee....

Hello All....Happy Friday. I am headed our the door now so I don't have time to write a meaningful post...or a random nonsense post for that matter. If you are just visiting from Follow Me Chickadee....poke around awhile. Otherwise...have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Caught in the act...

I woke up this morning and Anthony beat me to the kitchen...bed head and all.

This was him when he was a 6 months you think he likes cookies???

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday.....

Did Santa lose a reindeer this summer?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here it 'crafty' project....

I have been inspired. I read blogs of SAHM's who have 10 kids and are making their own baby food, cooking 10 course meals for dinner, whipping up a chocolate souffle for dessert and are sewing their own clothes in between. I think these ladies must live in the middle of no man's land and there must be nothing else to do. But here in NY, we are always on the go. Well, I have a sewing machine that I got many years ago from the hubby. I wanted it. I swore I was going to learn to sew. I kept practicing and did a few throw pillows and even a pair of curtains. Then I had kids and in the closet it went. So I decided to dust it off last week.

I am always reading my friend Allie's blog and she is an amazing seamstress. She makes clothes for herself and her daughter. I was on a mission to take my sewing machine and make something I could actually wear. I went to the fabric store and found some fabric to make a sundress. The fabric was only $4. Here it is......

Okay....don't get too excited. I really did make it but it was easy. The fabric was already rouched at the top so all I did was hem it and sew a seam down the side to keep if from falling off of me!! It is really not that good close up, but hopefully no one will be that close to me to see that the hem is crooked. I was so proud I went back and bought more fabric and made another one. I also signed up for a sewing class at my local library. I am hoping to really get better and maybe even make some other garments. I will keep you all posted. I will be taking sundress orders via email...LOL!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Okay...I am a slacker. It is 9:45pm and I am just sitting to write my "Miscellany Monday" musings. Why the heck am I bothering??? We have been so busy everyday that I feel like I have no time to actually sit and think straight. And I was supposed to post my 'crafty' project today, but it is going to have to wait until tomorrow. Anyway, here are my nonsense thoughts....

ONE. Why is it then you set out to have a nice day with your kiddles at the beach, do they insist on being cranky and whiney and you want to strangle them?? Sometimes I think we do too much for our kids that they start to unappreciate it. Or, are they just being a 4 year old and a 1 year old and I am just PMS-ing?

TWO. The Target employees take any coupon that you give them, even if you are not buying the product. Is this something new or do the employees just not care??

THREE. I think that having children is the best thing in the world, but it truly does put a strain on your marriage. The stress, lack of sleep and craziness might as well have put my hubby and I on different planets. Will we ever get back to where we were prior to kids??

FOUR. Why do some bloggers openly say that they have no time to read other people's blogs? Isn't that rude? I try to read as many posts as I can. I also try to leave comments often. I feel like I leave comments on certain blogs and I never get comments back from them. Would you stop reading??

Friday, July 9, 2010 is Friday. I am not sure why I get so excited, seeing that I am home everyday anyway...LOL. I guess  because the hubs is home and we can get to do 'family' things. Hopefully it doesn't rain this weekend and we will be out on the new boat. I also have something exciting to show all of you. I have been doing something crafty. Can't wait for you to see it. Check back on Monday. Anyway, there is a new linky party hosted by Life of a Sippy Cup Mom, Adventures of Goober Grape and Monkey Man, and MannLand5. Check these ladies out....there are good for a few laughs!

New Friend Fridays

1. What is one food you could eat everyday?  Pizza...just not for breakfast!

2. Are you working in the career you thought you would be when you were 18? I did work in the career I wanted before I had kids. I was a Director of Maketing for a Fortune 500 company. I love fashion and have always worked in the industry. I also knew I would take a break from work for awhile, but I will go back as soon as they go to school.

3. What is something that you wish you would have done when you were younger and you didn't?  I had plans to go sky diving in my early 20's and they were cancelled at the last minute. I don't think I would jump out of a plane now with two kids. Maybe someday when they are older.

4. What color are your kitchen walls? Geez...I forget the exact name. It is a Benjamin Moore color. Kind of looks like golden mustard.

5. Do you remember what your very first favorite song was? I have no idea. Probably a Madonna or a Michael Jackson song. Who the heck remembers back that far!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday...

Hello All! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We were so busy boating and bar-b-queing that I fell behind in reading all my blog updates. This blogging thing is going to make me have black circles under my eyes I stay up so late. Darn you bloggers! Anyway, I missed Miscellany Monday...but I am back for Top 2 Tuesday.

Top 2 Favorite Purchases Made this can I only pick two for the year? I will go with 'summer' purchases. Is that allowed?

One. Our new was a BIG investment, so I better love it : )

Two. I am going with my new Coach flip flops. Bought them on Ebay because I didn't like the current styles. Wear them to death...and can't beat the price of $59. Sorry...don't feel like taking them off to take a pic..LOL!

Friday, July 2, 2010

TGIF....and especially that it is a 3 day weekend for many! Hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth of July. So, another edition of 5QFriday and New Friend Friday starts now. Enjoy....

New Friend Fridays

1. What is one thing you miss the most about childhood?  The good, clean, old fashion run. Like playing house and dodgeball. Riding your bike and playing tag. Picking flowers and running through the sprinkler. Those were the days.

2. Are you still friends with your friends from high school? My best friend, yes. All others, no. That is why I have not gotten into the whole Facebook thing. Seems a bit fake to me. If you truly were friends with these people and cared about them, you would have never lost touch in the first place.

3. Is there a catch phrase, cliche, or word that just drives you bonkers every time you hear it? Not that I can think of at the moment. But watch, someone will say a phrase today that will annoy me!

4. What is one thing that you think symbolizes America...besides "Old Glory"? Good 'ol apple pie!

5. What are your 4th of July weekend plans? Boating and bar-b-queing.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The new boat...summer fun begins!

Not sure that most of you know (well, how would you if I never blogged about it??) but our family has had a boat for the last 7 years. The hubby and I bought it before we had kids, before we were even married. It was a great boat for us. Fast. Fun. I got tan. Not a care in the world. We would trailer it back and forth from our house to water.
What happens next? Kids happen. Boating trips seem to get less frequent. The boat is not really family friendly as it does not have a cabin or a bathroom. We have taken Christopher out on it and even trailered it up to Lake George, NY on vacation. But since having Anthony last year, I have not gone on it and nor have the kids. So, as we had discussed many times before, we were thinking about getting a new boat a few weeks ago. Well, you live once, so we decided to go ahead and do it! It has a small cabin and a bathroom. It is perfect for now. If we decide in years to come we need something bigger we can always trade this one in.

So, the hubby decided to 'name' the boat without telling me. Our other boat never had a name. To my suprise, we picked up the boat and it was named....

The hubs calls me 'his Jenni' so it is named after me. How sweet....

We took the kids out  this weekend since the weather was beautiful. Christopher had to get used to it since he hadn't been on a boat in awhile. Anthony was not having the life jacket! He kept trying to take it off. The boys loved the little cabin. They thought it was so fun hiding in there!

The hubs driving....
Stinky ocean smells....
Alseep alas......