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Monday, August 29, 2011

An eventful weekend….

I  am writing to you from my laptop, with my air conditioning running and my lights on. Not many of my friends and family can say that they have those luxuries. Actually none of them can. Well, not today at least.

Hurricane Irene past through New York early yesterday morning.

We were ready. I had made numerous trips to the grocery store to stock up on water and canned goods. Really just soup. I can’t see eating a can of corn for dinner…LOL! I don’t ever recall a time when the supermarkets were out of water and there was a line to fill your car with gas. But this week there was. Home Depot and Lowes were out of batteries. It was amazing.

I am not one to fall victim to the news and listen to the bad weather threats. My husband on the other hand, is a prepare-er. He was ready and waiting. The plywood was cut and the generator plugged in.

The winds picked up and we decided to have a ‘slumber’ party on the first floor of the house, farthest away from the bedrooms where there are trees outside the windows. The kids laughed and we played play-doh and had a family night. Although sleeping on the couch was uncomfortable, I was really just nervous to go to sleep. What if a tree fell on my house? What if the power lines started a fire? I tossed and turned all night.

When the morning came and the storm had died down, we assessed the damage in the neighborhood. Streets were flooded. Trees were down, homes were destroyed. But we were okay. We had power. Nothing on our house was out of place. I felt so thankful. So blessed to know that these little faces were safe.

My heart and prayers are with those less fortunate……


Gina said...

Glad you came through it okay! We were lucky to never have lost power, my parents have been in the dark since 5AM yesterday.

Crazy NY weather!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad to read this. So happy you made it through okay. Scary times right now.

Momma Wilson said...

so glad that y'all made it through the storm, we've been thinking about you!

Carol said...

Whew. Glad you guys are okay. Nothing like a good natural disaster to make you count your blessings.

That photo is adorable!!

Kayla said...

Glad your family is safe and there wasnt any damage. I am reading posts and its horrifying to see that some places are flooded.

Francis said...

So glad you guys were ok! I was also very worried since we got hit as well! I made my husband and the kids camp out in the basement! We are ok with no damages but I know that there Were damages near by

AllieMakes! said...

SO glad to hear it was uneventful for you! Slumber-party was a good idea!
I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever!! Been so stinking busy. We need to catch up!