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Friday, December 2, 2011

A message from Santa…

TGIF!! Hope everyone is having a great week. Are you gearing up for another weekend of crowded malls?? I know I will be one of those people STILL scouring the racks for the perfect presents….lol. But, I have crossed a lot off of my list this week, so that is a big accomplishment!

One thing my kids always look forward to this time of year is a personalized email from Santa. Hello, when we were kids we were lucky to get a LETTER from Santa. But I guess now he emails!! Someone had told me of a site a few years back and I wanted to share it with you. Many of you may already know it. It is

It takes a few minutes to get set-up, but it is worth it. You are able to customize the message with a photo of your child. You can also add in their age, grade and what item they most want this year. It even lets you add pictures of important events that may have occurred with your child so Santa can look back and ‘see what kind of year’ your child has had.

It really is very fun! When I told my kids they got an email from Santa this week, they were jumping up and down!! And of course we watched it a gazillion times. Check out the site, your kids will thank you. Oh, and I use it as leverage when the kids are bad too. Santa can always resend his email to put your kiddo on the NAUGHTY list…!

Have a great weekend….


Momma Wilson said...

how fun, Jackson is obsessed with Santa...may have to do this for him!

miss you, sorry I've been so MIA!

Carol said...

Love it! We've done this the last few years with Cam and she always gets a kick out of it. Right now she is obsessed with our Elf on the Shelf, and that is providing tons of holiday fun in our house!