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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday….

Holiday cheer is filling the air around our house!  To keep with the spirit and to de-stress from all my shopping, I went to get my nails done the other day.
Cute, right??


Happy Hump Day…..


Gina said...

That is so cute!!! I have to stop biting my nails so that I can do things like this too!

Coastalpines said...

Love your festive nails!! I'm thinking about b&w houndstooth for the holidays :)

daphne {flip flops and pearls} said...

Now, how fun is that??

Happy Wednesday chic-
ps, i was at a par-tay last night.
I am about to email ya bk abt Friday-xo

Mrs. Williams said...

So cute! Did you do that yourself?

Kristy said...

I love it!! Very elegant and festive

Carol said...

Love it! I had acrylics once...for my wedding 9 years ago. I had to get them soaked off immediately afterwards. I just never got used to them...but then again, I'm blessed with naturally long and strong nails (if I grow them, which I dont anymore - kids) so I don't really need them.

Your nails definitely say FESTIVE! And...good for you for getting some salon time in ;)

Hannah said...

so cute!