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Monday, August 26, 2013


Is anyone there?? As I say ‘hello’ I hear the echo coming back at me. I have been away for quite sometime now…..6 months to be exact! I am sure there is no one left out there to even be reading this…lol. But I want to be back. I miss blogging and communicating with my ‘friends’ online.

We have just had so much happening this year that I could not get a handle on organizing myself and making time to blog. I know we all have a life with families and kids and sports and playdates, etc., etc., but if this blog is something I enjoy, than I need to make it a priority.

I probably have a million things I can post since I have been away so long….but I wanted to start today with this small invite for all you to come back to visiting.  I want to focus on my Etsy shop again and I want to focus on ME!! Well, that is a whole other post with the things I want to accomplish in these up coming months.

So, I will be stopping by and catching up with you on your blogs this week. I hope everyone had a great summer. We have another 2 weeks before school so I am trying to enjoy these last few nice days before the mayhem begins again!


Have a great day….

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Coastalpines said...

Hey Girl! Looking forward to new posts...everything settles down when summer ends :)