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Monday, August 23, 2010

I am back....and Miscellany Monday

Hello Blogland!! Oh how I have missed you. I took a bloggy vacation last week as we went to Lake George in upstate NY. I did bring my computer, but I guess the service in the middle of no man's land is not very good as I had lots of trouble getting connected. I will be posting pics and things about our vacation throughout the week. All I know is that I am happy to be home and in my own bed!!! I do not even know where to begin with reading all of the posts I missed. I will be up late this week catching up. And now to Miscellany Monday hosted by Carissa.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

ONE. Why does it you take weeks to prepare for vacation and all of about 2 hours to unpack when you get home? I swear I have been planning for this trip for forever. Yet, I unpacked, did laundry, sanitized the kids and the toys, went through the mail and gave myself a pedicure (glorified camping is not good for the feet) all before the 10 o'clock news (mind you we got home at 5:30pm).

TWO. This could be a whole post in itself.....where do you draw the line as parents of boys with allowing them to play with guns (water guns, Nerf guns, etc.)?  Is it all just innocent fun or do we have to worry that our kid is going to turn into a terrorist if we allow it? We had alot of 'police' play this vacation and I am not sure how I felt about it.

THREE. Camping in the middle of the woods, high in the mountains on a lake was beautiful. But the new Coach bag that I bought at the outlets not far from the cabin is even more beautiful!

FOUR. I have yet to figure out why some people would want to have 14 children. We vacationed with a couple with that many kids (no twins in there) and I was just flawed as I watched them. I swear I get overwhelmed with 2 kids, how do you not go clinically insane??


Nic said...

Glad you had a good vaca, welcome back to civilization!

Here's my take on the gun thing... kids have always played toy guns. I bet if you asked your dad or grandpa, they played cops n' robbers growing up. I know my brother and I had Nerf guns out the wazoo and neither one of us wound up in jail. Okay, well actually my brother did once but that was for underage drinking, not brandishing a weapon! I look at it as boys will be boys.

Big Fat Gini said...

My rules with gun play are fairly loose. I think the three little ones are too young to understand the concept and am not really willing to force the issue. They're boys, they make guns out of toast, it happens. When they're old enough to understand we'll talk about safety and all of the issues that come with owning firearms. But, it's a personal decision and I completely understand why you'd be uncomfortable.

I can't even comment on the 14 kids. I'm already crazy with four.

Glad y'all had a nice vacation (and a Coach bag certainly makes up for camping in my book)!

Allie said...

HAha... New Coach bag... You are SO my long lost twin! And how I have missed your posts! Glad your back!

We just barely had friends over with their 5 year old boy. We played in the pool and he grabbed a water gun and asked if it was ok. His sister made sure to call it a "shooter". Don't really know if that makes a whole lot of difference...
Anyways, one of the families I nannied for had a very definite rule: ABSOLUTELY NO POINTING (AIMING) GUNS (toys or any other -as if a child would be handling a real one...) AT ANYBODY. This seemed like a pretty good way to explain how dangerous and scary guns can be...
Anyways, my two cents...