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Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Happenings....

TGIF....and that it is a 3 day weekend!! Well, I know I have said it before, I still get excited for long weekends even though I am home everyday...LOL! The weather is crummy today as we are supposed to get the tail end of 'Hurricane Earl.' I am sure it is going to be nothing. But needless to say, it is a crummy day.

So, I just have to tell you about yesterday for a quick second. We were having a nice day at the water spray park with some friends and my nieces and nephews. My one sister was not there, but her kids were. They came with the sitter. I guess my nephew Jimmy, who is 7, accidentally got a woman wet while playing. He had his hand over the water spout and it went shooting on some woman. The sitter saw and yelled at him to stop. Well, this woman went nuts yelling at Jimmy. The sitter said it was an accident but the lady kept yelling. She was calling him by his name, saying "Jimmy, I am waiting to hear something. Come on Jimmy. It starts with an "s". Let's go Jimmy." Now the sitter got mad and her and the woman start yelling. We are in a water park. They are kids. You are going to get wet. Where do you draw the line. Should you reprimand someone else's kids, especially calling them by name when you don't even know them?? Apparently this woman wanted and apology, which he should have said sorry. But she went off. Needless to say, the sitter took the kids and left!! Someone always has to ruin a good thing.

This is all the kids playing and having would expect to
get wet, wouldn't you?

Here are my kids after 2 hours...ready for some relaxng.

So, my next thing is this. Here is a picture of my bedroom. I hate this furniture. It is 10 years old and the husband picked it out. It is way to "guido" for me. But I went along with it at the time.

What are these next pictures you ask??

These are my kids handprints all of the mirror behind the bed!! There is a little shelf underneath the mirror and the kids think it is fun to jump off on to the bed. I clean this mirror two times a day!! I think I use more paper towels and windex than any other person in the world. No wonder I don't have time to blog :)


Allie said...

Oh boy! You about had a Jersey-smack dow, eh? I have only said, "Ooh -watch out for the smaller kids, cool?" Never yelled at kids a WATER-PARK. Come on! I probably would have had words with this lady however... WoW!
Um... Yea. I would be all over getting new furniture after a bit with that. Lucky You! Can't wait to see the new stuff!

LeeAnn said...

Why would you go to the water park if you didn't want to get wet? That lady sounds like a real winner. I would never yell at someone else's kid unless I was directly responsible for them at that time. And I would NOT just yell at some kid I didn't know unless they were doing something that could hurt one of my kids. I gotta say, if someone ever yelled at one of my kids like that, we would definitely be having words.

Your mirrors look like my sliding glass doors!

Hannah said...

Wow, I can't believe that lady flipped out like that! First off she is at a splash park which means her chances of getting wet are really high, so flipping out on a kid is so stupid. I agree that an apology should be given in a situation like that but when someone flips out like that I would be scared to say anything to her. I hope the rest of your long weekend was a good one!

Nic said...

She was mad she got wet at a water park? Wow. I'd knock somebody out if they called my kid by their name - well, not really but I do think it's crossing a line - while scolding them. Sounds like an exciting trip.

Shannon said...

Um, hello, you are at a water park for goodness sakes! I hope you told that woman where to go! I don't know how I'd do to see someone yelling at my kids! Hope you had a great Labor Day!