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Monday, September 12, 2011

We will never forget, I will never forget…..

I could not let today pass without a quick post to commemorate the events of yesterday, 9/11.  I know it was all over the news, on every television channel and in every paper to keep us reminded. I watched in the morning, but after a bit I needed to turn it off. I would have cried all day otherwise. To see the children who never got to know a parent was overwhelmingly heartbreaking. I looked at my own kids and thanked God  that I was not in that building that day.

I was working in NYC at the time. I won’t go into all of the details of what happened to me that morning, but it changed all of our lives forever. I kicked off my heels, put on some sneakers and walked. I walked over bridges, I walked and walked. For hours and hours I walked to get home to see my loved ones.

My husband is down at Ground Zero now working to build the underground system that is going beneath all of the buildings. The hard work, long hours and constant reminder to those construction workers needs to be recognized. With them, the family and friends of those lost will now have a place to go to reconnect. 

So, thanks to all of those who are helping to rebuild a bigger and better NYC, a bigger and better USA. And for those who have lost someone, my heart aches for you. Know you have a guardian angel to always protect you.



Big Fat Gini said...

Many, many thanks to your husband and all of his hard work putting all of the pieces back together!

Carol said...

Jenn - as traumatic as that day was for me, on the completely opposite side of the country, I can only imagine what the chaos and devastation was like in person. Give your hubs a big pat on the back for the work that he does at ground zero.

AllieMakes! said...

Wow! I cannot imagine how that day was for you! I am glad to hear that your husband has the work to help rebuild and honor those who died that day. I am just speechless that you were so close...

Jamie Rubeis said...

How amazing that your husband gets to be a part of the rebuild project! All I did last Sunday was cry. My heart still hearts so deeply for that day.