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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Randomness…..

Well, is there still a ‘Miscellany Monday’ linky party anymore?? I used to participate but it has been so long since I have done so, that I forgot where to go….lol. And even though today is Tuesday, I have some randomness to share today.

ONE. This past Sunday was about me. Yes, I deserve a day to focus on me and not feel bad about it. First, I went to have this done….
Yes, a little sparkle always makes me feel good.

But I felt even better when I went for this….

And I topped off with this….
I told you it was all about me!! And I wish it would happen more often because I felt like a whole new person when I came home.

TWO. We de-Christmas-ed our house this weekend. When you sit and really think about all of the hours and hours that goes into preparing for Christmas, it is insane that we all are stupid enough to do it. Shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking, cooking… it all worth it??? Sometimes I say yes, sometimes I say no. But as long as I have kids, I guess the answer has to be ‘yes’….lol!

THREE. There has been so much sadness around our family as well as our friends families lately, that isn’t is a must that things can only get better?? I am not the most religious person out there, but I know that if there is a God, that he knows when people have had enough. And I know he will make this a good year for my family and for all of those around us!! 


Gina said...

There's a saying about everything God seems to throw at us sometimes: if he brought you to it, he'll bring you through it!

Hope things start to look up soon.


Big Fat Gini said...

Few things are more awesome than taking time out to pamper yourself!

It really has been a rough start to the year. Locally, there have been so many wrecks and deaths and just all around sadness. I just keep saying that this is only temporary. Things will get better.

Carol said...

Good for you for taking some time to pamper yourself! I need to do some of that. Yes, God...I have had enough ;)