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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A belated Valentine’s Wish….

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!! I just could not get my act together this week to blog on the appropriate days….lol! The kids had a million things going on….projects, parties, fundraisers and feel like I have been like the Energizer Bunny running all week!

So, here are my boys wishing you are very Happy Valentine’s Day (in the cute little shirts that I made them the night before…lol)….

I had seen these ‘tie shirts’ all over Etsy and I figured that they would be easy enough to whip up. And it was a score when I found both t-shirts at the Dollar Tree!! Even if they never wear it again or it becomes a smock, for $1, I don’t care!

I literally just cut the fabric in the shape of a tie and sewed it on. I kept the edges raw for a more rugged look.

I had purchased a box of chocolates for Christopher’s teacher. But when I was looking around on Pinterest, I saw a cute Valentine idea using Swedish fish. And funny enough, Christopher’s teacher loves to fish so we just had to make it for her.

Hoping that your Valentine’s Day was filled with lots of love and laughter…..


Gina said...

That's a really cute teacher's gift - I think I pinned that on Pinterest too!

You should add those shirts to your Etsy!

Melissa Maloney said...

I love those shirts! How adorable!

Momma Wilson said...

how cute, love the shirts and the gift:)

AllieMakes! said...

OMG! Those are THE cutest Valentine shirts ever!! LOVE them! Great job!