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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

100th Day of School Celebration….

Happy Tuesday all!! I am so glad to actually be back to a ‘schedule’ after a week of having the kids home. I don’t think I opened my computer at all. It was kind of good in way, but I missed catching up with all my bloggy buddies. When the kids are home they need constant entertaining….lol. We had some playdates, went bowling and even hit an aquarium.

The week before the kids had off from school Christopher had come home with his first official ‘project.’  In order to celebrate the 100th day of school the kids needed to make something using 100 of an item. So as this is my first kid in school, I had no idea that the 100th day was just a historic landmark…lol. Apparently many schools celebrate this and the kids do activities throughout the beginning of school that lead up to the event.

We brainstormed what we were going to do. My first idea was to take a sheet of poster board and draw the number 100 really big and have Christopher glue 100 of something (i.e. – Cheerios, cotton balls, etc.) in the number. But, then I thought that that was probably a very common theme and most of the kids would do something similar.

After talking with my sister, we came up with a really cute idea. Since this was a ‘celebration’ for the 100th day of school, why not make a cake?? I went and bought 3 different sized styrofoam disks. Christopher painted them all different colors and then I hot glued them together. Finally, we placed 100 candles in the cake.

It was perfect….he was so excited to big it to school.

Okay, he might not look so excited in this picture, but he really was…!

The best part was the next day after the celebration had taken place…..he thought that was it, school was over and that he was finished and off to 1st grade…! Silly kid.

Have a great day….


Gina said...

That cake looks awesome!!

It's funny - I don't remember celebrating 100 Days of School as a kid, but it seems to be "the thing" nowadays.

Coastalpines said...

Hey ~ Missed you too! Hopefully I'm back for now....

We had the 100 day celebration too and used pennies. Your cake looks fabulous! I never had this when I was little and I'm not THAT old!

Hope everything else is well. It's almost March, we made it through a relatively quiet winter ;-)

Big Fat Gini said...

Love that cake!

We didn't celebrate the 100th day of school either, but I noticed that it's a big thing here too. Whatever. I guess if it makes them excited about school...

Kara said...

Love the cake, great idea!! My lil' one and I made a tee shirt, maybe I should put it on the blog, it was so fun to girls look forward to it! :o)

LeeAnn said...

I love this!!! You are so creative and you come up with the cutest ideas. I bet Christopher was proud to take that to school!

And what a fun day! I have never heard of the 100th day of school being celebrated, but that is pretty cool.

Um, I think I owe you an email. ;-)

AllieMakes! said...

Genius! Love it!

Liz @ LivingMySweetLife said...

This is such a cute idea!!! I am saving this idea or next year ;)

Carol said...

what a great idea! I may have to use/steal this for next year. Cam drew 100 horseshoes on a piece of posterboard. LOL.