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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It’s my party……

Happy Birthday to me!! Yes, today I am one year closer to 40. It is not so bad….I am hoping that 36 is going to be a good year for me and my family. Well, it has to be after last year….lol!

Today is going to be pretty low key. I have some errands to run, a PTA meeting to attend and then we will just order in dinner and I will make my own cake. It is all that I need on my birthday.

This past weekend was more of the celebration. The hubs took me to NYC overnight while my mom watched the kids. I always love going into the city since I don’t get to do it that often anymore. I went to college there and worked there and sometimes I just miss it. There is not place in the world like NYC. So it was nice to go back. And this year we were lucky enough to have our friends join us. That always makes for a better time….lol! We went to dinner at a swanky Italian Steakhouse called Macelleria. It is in the meatpacking district which is downtown. Did you watch Kourtney and Kim Take New York this season? Well, if you did, the restaurant is right across the street from where they stayed, Hotel Gansevoort. It is a great area. There are amazing restaurants, lots of shopping and tons of bars.

After dinner we headed here……
It was hilarious!! I needed a night of comedy. There were 3 comedians in all but the headliner was the best. He was very relatable as he made jokes about this marriage and raising a 4 year old son.

Here is the only picture we took all night since I forgot my camera at home. Thank goodness for camera phones…!

Next stop on the list was looking for a nice little bar to get a few drinks. The funny part is, all of the places we were going to go seemed very young. We didn’t really seem like we fit in. You see, I was not wearing a skirt that barely covered my butt and I didn’t have on 7 inch stilettos. Now, had I been wearing a get-up like that, no one would have known that I was old!! LOL!

We ended up going to a bar that was more low key. He had a few drinks and then after that I was crazing some sweets. We headed to a little café for some coffee and a dessert. It was the perfect ending to a great night!

Thanks hubby!!


Gina said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time!


Big Fat Gini said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you and hubby enjoyed the time away in NYC! Enjoy your special day!

Momma Wilson said...

happy, happy birthday sweet momma!

Coastalpines said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to You!! Sounds like a great time in the city and whaddya mean you weren't wearing your stillettos and mini? You'd look better in sweats than some of the gettups I've seen in the city lol! Have a great day, week, year!

Melissa Maloney said...

Happy Birthday!!
Sounds like you had a great celebration night with lots of fun and laughs. Can't ask for much more can ya? :)

AllieMakes! said...

I'm SO glad you had a fun night out!! I laugh really hard when I go out now... EVERYONE looks like babies now! Babies in tube tops and stilettos... Glad it was fun!

Liz @ LivingMySweetLife said...

Happy birthday Jennifer!!!!!!!