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Friday, March 9, 2012

A basket…..

I wanted to share with you today I few quick things that I made for Christopher’s school. Well, now that he is in Kindergarten, I had to join the PTA of course….lol. The PTA was hosting a Supermarket Bingo night where families could come to the school to play Bingo and win bags full of groceries. Along with that, there were baskets around the gym that people could win by purchasing raffles. The PTA worked very hard to gather donations for the baskets. And there were some really nice things to be won like Keuring machines, massages, restaurant gift certificates, bikes, lotto trees and much more.

I decided I would make something handmade from my Etsy shop. I partnered up with my friend Susan who has Lola's Baby Boutique to put together a nice basket that would be raffled off. Susan’s makes adorable hair bows and all things girly so we did a girls accessory basket. I forgot to take a picture of the finished basket…lol. But here is what I made.

A cute bow holder to hold all of the bows that Susan was contributing….

‘A Princess Dreams Here’ pillow……

And a cute little purse…..

I hope that whomever won the basket loved their prize!!

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Have a great weekend….


Gina said...

So cute!!!

Melissa Maloney said...

How could they not love it? So adorable!

Coastalpines said...

Seeing stuff like the bow holder makes me want a girl! Love it!

You should make more of those bow holders for jewelry for us big girls...they'd fly off the shelves!

Hope you have a great weekend! (by the way are you on fb?? I seem to do more of that than my blog lately...)

jessica said...

wow so many neat and cute things.
that pillow is just presh.

i bet the winner was super happy.

Francis said...

so cute! I just made Kayla a bow holder for her room it was fun doing it!

Carol said...

Love it!