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Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Spring…..

Hello bloggy buddies! Hope everyone had a great week. I know we did!!  Spring has sprung for sure in the northeast. We had temperatures this week in the 70’s. It was amazing. Now I have had a taste of what you folks in the south experience all winter long….lol. I even broke out the flip flops yesterday!

Of course this year I bought my kids new snow boots, new snow pants and 2 sleds and it didn’t snow once!  But it is ok….I would much rather have the nice weather. And with that, I decided to get a manicure in honor of the nice weather yesterday.

Do you like the flowers??

I am hoping to get a pedicure to match…lol!!

And, by the way, I didn’t have anyone comment on my last post regarding the cookbook e-book giveaway. I felt like a kid with no friends….lol! If anyone is interested in getting a copy of the book, let me know and I can email you a link!

Have a great weekend……


LeeAnn said...

Happy Spring! Our winter was more like spring, so of course it feels like summer here now, but I'll take it! The heat beats the cold any day.

And really? No snow? That's weird, right? How does it not snow up there during the winter?

Have a great weekend!

Coastalpines said...

Hello Miss Jenni! Love your nails ~ perfect for Spring :) I've lost almost all of my blog followers, but I guess it is what it is...

Hope all is well with your beautiful family!

Carol said...

Pretty! I really need a manicure.