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Monday, February 18, 2013


Happy President’s Day!! Hopefully most of you are off from work and school and are able to enjoy an extended weekend. This upcoming week would normally be the kids’ winter recess but here in the northeast that has been cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. We missed a good number of days when that happened and therefore they have to take them back somewhere. So, we are only off today and then back to school tomorrow!!

Last week or the week before I had mentioned that I had made some baby gifts and I just wanted to share them with you. The first was for a baby shower. The girl that does my hair, well, I have known her for years, and she it having her first baby girl. I had chipped in with my sisters and my mom and we got her some stuff of her registry. But I wanted to make her something extra. 

Here is what I decided….

A name wall plaque bow holder for the nursery. It matches the colors and theme of the room…..


And you can never go wrong with a tutu and a headband….lol!!

These are so easy to make and they truly look adorable on all little girls!
Now, the next items were for a friend who had a little girl a few months back. This is her third child, but her first girl. So I knew I needed to make something ‘girly’ here too.

I did a letter bow holder. I didn’t know what the room looked like so I tried to keep it simple.

And of course, a tutu and a headband!

The best part is that my friend is a great photographer. She took Valentine’s Day photos of her daughter Charlize wearing the tutu and she sent them to me.

How adorable is this little girl???

She also photographed the tutu alone in case I wanted to add it to my etsy shop.
Thanks Desiree!

Have a great day everyone….

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LeeAnn said...

Winter recess? Really? Weren't they just out for Christmas? ;-) Well I'm sure that the boys were not happy that it was cancelled.

I love all of the gifts! You're so crafty!!!