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Thursday, May 20, 2010

9 A.M......naptime already!! I am remembering the days of teething!! The nightmares are resurfacing. My little Anthony is driving me insane. Is that horrible to say??? Anyone that knows him personally, knows he is an amazing child. Not sure if he is good by nature or if God just knows I would not be able to handle a "bad" second child. He is is always smiling and laughing and just goes with the flow...kind of like his mama. But this last week his teeth are really bothering him. He has 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom. I was assuming some more bottom ones were coming, but, low and behold....molars!! I feel so bad for him....BUT...I am going to be visiting the crazy house this week with all of the whining. Both of my kids are usually late they go to bed late. But with his teeth, Anthony is getting up earlier. This morning, my patience was dwindling....and it for was naptime already!



Sippy Cup Mom said...

Poor baby...and poor you! My son just got his last tooth in, thankfully!!!

twinkeex2 said...

Jen the boys are adorable!! God bless!