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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mom's Club...who do you let join the circle??

So, I was speaking with a friend about our "circle" of moms. I have been very fortunate to have made a handful of very good friends these last 4 years. These truly are friends I think I will have forever....and I met them because of my children. I used to work in the corporate world in NYC and when I became a SAHM, I joined everything I could find.  I went to the library, I took classes, I talked to any mother I saw at the grocery store just to make some friends who where in the same place as I was. And thankfully it worked well. Don't get me wrong, there have been some psychos along the way...but all in all, I have had good experiences. So, needless to say...I met a SAHM through a friend that seems like a nice person. But you know when you know that you are just not joining to click with this person. It is like going on a date....the chemistry has to be there. You check out your is he dressed, what kind of car does he drive, will you have fun with him??? Well....let's admit, we do this to other SAHM's. Will she fit in with my other friends, will our kids get along when we go the park? I know this SAHM that I met will not fit in my "circle" of mom friends. Where do you draw the a SAHM, are we supposed to let anyone in our club?? I am going with "no"......I have enough friends : )


Lisa said...

Hi-It's me...following your blog is fun. I am definitely a fan. So I think I know some of the "physcos'"....LOL!!!
Love the blog today.

Christine said...

I'm a new Mom, so I'm doing the same things you did 4 years ago. I can already tell you - I've met some I really hit it off with, and others - not so much. I think its only natural. I mean, just because we're Moms doesn't mean we have to be friends with every other Mom out there... I'm sure your psychos will meet friends, just not yours. LOL

Jennifer said...

It is so nice to find people you click with. I count on and see my friends more than my own family...LOL!

ajmdld said...

There was a time when I was "looking" for new friends...and I think the more I "looked" the less I found! Then it all came together naturally, somehow out of the blue my SAHM friends found me! I thank them so very much for that :)