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Monday, May 24, 2010

"Hurry up, hurry up..."

These are every mother's famous last words....
  • Hurry your breakfast.
  • Hurry're gonna be late for school.
  • Hurry up...we have to get your brother off the bus.
  • Hurry up...get to the bathroom.
  • Hurry up...we have to get home to make dinner.
  • Hurry up...get to bed.
Why as mother's do we always feel like we are racing against the clock? No matter what I am doing or where I am going, time is of the essence. Even when I am going someplace by myself (which is don't think I am traveling leisurely without my children), I feel like I can never really enjoy myself because I am worried about what is going on at home without me. Some days I wish I knew the secret to turning back the clock so I could enjoy life just a little more....



Lynnette Kraft said...

Hi Jennifer. I came over from Carissa's - just randomly clicked on your pic from her followers widget. Thought I'd say hello.

I totally agree with this post. Hurry Up is said WAY too often over here. BUT, it helps that we homeschool so we aren't usually IN a hurry very much. ha!

Momma's just have so much to do that sometimes it feels like to get everything done we have to run!

So nice to meet you.
Your kids are SO CUTE!
Your new friend,
Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground

LeeAnn said...

We did have a similar post today! I hear you. I always feel like I'm rushing. The days just go by so fast, though. If you ever figure out how to turn back those clocks, let me know. :-) Happy Monday!

Jen Creter said...

Jen your post today sounded like me this morning getting Lucas off to school. I think the real question is why do kids slow down when Mom's are in a! I swear it is done on purpose. I hope you are having fun blogging and I will try to keep up with it. Looking forward to talking soon! Jen Creter

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

such a cute (and TRUE!) post!!! you are adorable and have a super cute blog!

Desiree said...

Amen sista! If you ever do find out what the secret is...I hope you'll share! LOL :-)

Christine said...

I totally agree! I wish there was more down time where we weren't constantly worried about what else we should be doing.

ajmdld said...

so coincidental that you posted this...that is part of the foundation of what I have been learning about this past 6months in yoga teacher training - staying in the present moment is something that we all grapple with! it's so hard, but at least we keep trying and that is whats most important! thanks for the reminder Jenn!

JackieD said...

Oh my...I feel like I am constantly saying Hurry Up to the kids...must be a mom thing. Good post today Jen!