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Monday, May 17, 2010

"Mommy Jewelry"..Love it or Hate it?

Happy Monday!! I have started on this journey of blogging, I spent all weekend thinking of what I wanted to write about for my first "official" post. But, realistically, am I supposed to be "thinking" of what to write?? And as I sat there, I looked down at my wrist...and that was it..."Mommy Jewelry." For the last few weeks I have been on this kick of wanting to wear jewelry that is symbolic of my children and husband. But how many "mom" things do I need? Last year a got a white gold disk that had "Christopher" engraved in it along with his birthstone. And then of course when Anthony came along, I needed one for him. But I started to wear them together and they began to scratch. I have seen them featured in every magazine (especially in the back of US Weekly...yes, I read trash magazines) and they are layered together with numerous disks and cute little stones and they look great. I took mine back to the jeweler and they are currently being fixed, therefore, I have no picture to show you. My girlfriends all ordered the sterling silver single disks and they are adorable and they were half the price. So, it goes to show you that just because something is more money, doesn't make it better!! Anyway, those disks are the first of my "mom" decorations!! This is an example of the necklace...

Now, let's talk Pandora. I guess I am a little behind, because I just really started hearing about them recently. I think they are beautiful...well made with a great selection of charms. Is it a fad?? But charm bracelets have been around for forever. So, I was going to get one, when I heard about Brighton (again, I guess I am lagging in the popular jewelry brand department because Brighton has been around for many years too). They have the same concept bracelet with an even cuter selection of charms....and they are half the price!! Bingo...well, with Mother's Day approaching, I decided I needed to have the bracelet. And, so here it is. I got the ring to signify my hubby and then the kids initials. I am sure I will fill up the bracelet with more charms....but here I am, now with "mom" item #2. Check out

Well, I have a necklace and bracelet, so now what do I need??? A ring, of course. As I sit on the computer at midnight (as I do every night when all is quiet), I shop for rings. I came across numerous sites with sterling silver rings where you could engrave names or a saying in cute fonts. Do I really need this?? No. But should I order it?? Yes. I got one with the kids names. For some reason when I tried to take a pic, it was coming out blurry. So, here is a pic from the site on which I ordered, Denise, the owner, was great. I placed the order and had it within a week. I was so excited when I got it, that I ordered another one with mine and the hubby's names!

So..."Mommy Jewelry" it or hate it?? I love it!! Don't worry, I will not wearing all of these pieces together  :)


Lisa said...

Hey Jenn.... Love the "Mommy Jewelry"! All of it. Very pretty stuff......Happy writing!

Licia said...

I like mommy jewelry. I just got a charm necklace and my 3-year old thinks it's the coolest thing!
"Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest"

Nic said...

I love that Brighton bracelet! I think I will have to treat myself. I asked for Mommy jewerly of sorts for Mother's Day - a sterling silver necklace that had my and the two kiddos' birthstones on it - but DH had an epic fail and got me a kitchen utensil set.

As for US Weekly... I SUBSCRIBE. Don't be too hard on yourself until you sink to that low. lol.

Sippy Cup Mom said...

I love the Mommy jewelry! That bracelet is really cool!

I am obsessed with US Weekly too! :-)