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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Party Aftermath...

So, I was so crazy yesterday, I didn't have time to post. Both kiddos have really bad runny noses since Sunday and there was alot of crankiness happening. I kept Christopher home from school yesterday just because I didn't want him wiping his nose on all of the toys at school and then someone else catching it.

But I just wanted to let everyone know that we had a really fun time at my friend's Halloween party on Friday. You know, the one where I baked a million desserts. All of which were delicious if I do say so myself. The other moms and I have this whole gig down pat. We all are responsible for a craft or activity as well as bringing some food. The kids are so is great. Here is what we did:

-Decorated mini pumpkins with paint.
-Scavenger hunt.
-Decorated canvas totes with felt and stickers.
-Made mummy pizzas.
-Played 'pin the mouth on the skeleton'.
-Made finger puppets and foam arts and crafts.
-Made spider cupcakes.

And in between all of the activities the kids played and managed to make a huge mess. Here are some pics from our day. By the way, I have never posted pics of other people's kids, so I blurred out the faces. I am sure my friends would not mind, but you never know...LOL!

The boys before the party...we didn't have them wear costumes to this party as we are doing another one the day before Halloween!

Pumpkin painting....

Anthony looking for candy during the scavenger hunt...

Playtime between the activities...

All in all, we had a great time and everyone passed out when we got home. I was even in bed by 10pm which is really early for me. Well, I shouldn't say everyone was in bed early. The husbands went out and apparently they had fun too. My husband came stumbling in at 1am. Needless to say, I spend the rest of the weekend shopping alone and he stayed with the kids : ) 


Carol said...

Wow, you certainly did keep the kiddos busy! I find that my kids behave better when they are engaged in an activity! Cute pictures!

Allie said...

Aww! It sounds like you guys had fun!
Got a note today that one of the kids in A's class has been at school with Conjunctivitis.... Lovely. Somebody in the county says the word and I get it... Glad you kept him home for the sake of others.

LeeAnn said...

It sounds like the party was a success! I think it is great that you guys had so many different activities planned.

I hope everyone is feeling better. It is getting to be that time of year when the sickies are going around. Bryce and I both have colds too. Boo!