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Monday, October 11, 2010

Miscellany Monday...

Today is a great day for some randomness.....

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

ONE. If any of you didn't know, we had our first ever yard sale this Saturday. The hubby was kind of against it, but we needed to get rid of some junk as well as all of the big baby items. So, it went really well. Most of the weirdos stayed home, thank goodness. I was just surprised at how people really want something for nothing. It is called a 'sale' not 'I am giving everything away for free.' We made a little over $300 which I was happy about. The items that we didn't sell, I packed up and donated. I feel like a new woman with less clutter and some cash in my pocket!

TWO. Benadryl. I guess as I mom I should know to always keep some with me. Well, yesterday we decided to hit one of the million Fall Festivals and go pumpkin picking. We were having a great day....pig races, hayrides, petting zoo, the works. We sat down towards the end of the day to eat some delicious apples....when all of a sudden Christopher starts screaming. Crying uncontrollably. He got stung by a bee! That little stinker wanted a bite of his apple and got him right in the hand. I didn't know what to do. And of course at that moment my husband decided to go get a drink and I was alone with the kids. One sceaming in pain, the other one trying to run away, drinks spilling, apples being thrown. Pure insanity for 3 minutes. So, we put some ice on it and headed for home. But, of course, the traffic is dead stop. I finally got him calmed down...but we had to make a pit stop for Toys R Us. That was the best medicine of all!

THREE. Still on the Fall Festival from yesterday. Chris was waiting with Christopher on line for a go kart type ride. Well, a little girl ran ahead and jumped on one of the go karts. Then suddenly a man ran over to her, yanked her off of the go kart and started yelling at her to wait in line and to wait her turn. I wasn't there when it happened but my hubby was. He assumed the man was the girls father. Turns out, it wasn't. It was the father of another child who was also waiting. Would you just die if a stanger did that to your child!! Chris said he almost punched the guy on behalf of that little girl and her mom. I know if he acted like that to one of my kids, Chris would have not taken it lightly. Please people, act your age and never touch a child that is not your own!


Allie said...

Excellent grab on the garage sale! Wanna come do ours? lol
I was thinking about the bee sting today and was gonna tell you, I do keep the benadryl meltaway tabs in my purse... You never know.
AND HOLY COW! Seriously? That would be like A to get excited and lurch out, but you can't do that to other kids, sheesh! What a toodie!

Shannon said...

I'm thinking there would some fisticuffs if some random stranger yanked my kid or touched my kid when we were out somewhere. I mean come on, it's one thing to talk to a kid and remind them of their manners, but to touch someone else's've got to be CRAZY! Glad the weirdos stayed away! We need to have a garage sale too. So much stuff to get rid of. Hopefully when the weather turns a bit cooler. Cute pictures of the family! Fall festivals are so fun!

Hannah said...

First off I am so happy your yard sale went so well! Yeah for making some money! Secondly, I am so sorry the little man got stung that is no fun at all! Thirdly, WOW I cannot believe that a guy would do that to someone else's kid! Now that is a weirdo! I would have wanted to punch the guy to, and if it were my kid I probably would have LOL! That is just crazy! I love the pictures, you can tell the boys are having a blast!

LeeAnn said...

1 - I really need to have a yard sale, but I just hate dealing with the weirdos. And yeah, everyone wants everything for a quarter. Um, what in the hell am I going to do with that quarter I just got for that $50 Gymboree outfit?!?!?! I'm glad you made some money and got rid of some clutter!

2 - Poor Christopher. :-( I can honestly picture the situation you were in and I'm sure it wasn't fun.

3 - If anyone ever did that to my kid I would beat them down right there! In fact, when we were at Universal on Monday some idiot was flying down the conveyor belt thing on the way out and pushed Rylie to the side by her head. If I hadn't been with 4 children at the time and trying to keep everyone from having a melt down on the way out, I would have tackled her. Trust me.