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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A quick little project….

A few months ago my younger sister Jeanna went to the ‘Regis and Kelly’ show. Now, most talk shows tend to give things away to the audience. I have gone to my share of shows in the past, Rachel Ray and the View being my favorite. I was lucky enough to get a $250 Coach gift when I went to the View….it was awesome. Yes, living outside NYC does have its advantages!!

Anyway, when my sister went to ‘Regis and Kelly’ they featured a lot of great products in the show, most of which the audience got. The one thing my sister wanted that they did NOT give to the audience was a purse organizer. She was mad that she did not get one….LOL. Many of you have seen them on TV and even in blogland. You place all of your belongings in the organizer and you can easily transfer it from bag to bag. And us women usually like to change our purses quite often, so it can come in handy.

Jeanna’s birthday was a few weeks ago and so I knew I wanted to make her one. I had some leftover fabric and I thought it would be a perfect gift. The only problem was I wasn’t sure how tall to make it. Not knowing what her bags look like or what she was going to put in it made it a little difficult to design.

She was super excited when I gave it to her. Here is what I came up with…..

I could have made it taller, but now I know for next time : )

It fit perfectly in her bag. Now I need to make one for myself!!

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Coastalpines said...

That organizer is awesome! You should make and sell them for blogland :)

I'm 55 miles south of the city and do you know what show I saw...Ready...The Richard Bey Show. Channel 9. If you know what I am talking about, you prob spit out your coffee lol! Sooooo cheesy and that was like 20 years ago!

I was on Emeril Live about 10 years ago...I even had a cameo shot. It was the cooking with beer show...go figure!

Hope your week is going well!

Carol said...

So cute! My mom has one that is leather, it kind of looks like a little tiny tote and it stands up by itself. It makes it so easy for her to find things in her purse, and sometimes she just pulls the whole thing out to search for stuff. Great idea!

FussyGusset said...

You did a great job! I like these too and keep thinking I'm going to make one. I can't decide between the wrap one like you made or the fixed one's like they have at

Liz @ LivingMySweetLife said...

That is awesome, you need to sell those! I would buy one!