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Monday, May 16, 2011

Something new and a fun weekend….

Happy Monday!!  Today we are starting off the week a little different around here. Have you noticed anything new?? Of course you did….how could you not?? This little blog of mine has a new look….yay!!! Isn’t it awesome?? A few weeks back my friend Daphne hosted a blog makeover giveaway. I was all over it once I saw that the designer was Shannon from Sweet Bean!! Shannon is amazing….not just as a designer, but as a person : ) She is so easy to work with and listened to all my needs and comments. She came up with my new look in no time. I feel it totally represents me. So, thank you Shannon for giving my blog a great new design. You are the best!!

So, now on to some more awesomeness. This past Saturday night we had a wedding. The girl getting married is a close family friend…and my hairdresser. It isn’t often that we go to weddings anymore….I mean, really, more people we know are getting divorced these days, not married…LOL! I was really looking forward to a night out with good music, good friends and good food.

I wasn’t sure what to wear or how to do my hair. I ended up wearing a little black dress (yes, the wedding staple that we all have in our closets) and just bought some fun new shoes. More on those in a minute. My friend Lisa loves to do hair and she offered to do mine, so I was super excited. I wanted to wear it up since I really never get the chance to do so anymore. Well, she did a side french braid and it came out great. Thanks Lisa!

The wedding was really beautiful. Unfortunately the weather was not so great and the ceremony was outside near the beach. But the rain held off until later that night. Doesn’t she look stunning?? Her dress was gorgeous. Weddings just make me so happy!!

The great part about the whole thing was that my entire family was there. Meaning, my sister’s and my parents minus the kids. It is not often that we are all together without the 7 little darlings in our lives. So it was nice to be able to have a drink and have adult conversation.

Me and Chris (in a blurry picture…LOL)….

Oh…back to my shoes. Aren’t these cute?? Guess how much I paid for them?? Are you ready??  $5
And yes, you are getting to see more of my tattoos!!

This is me and Chris with my 3 sisters and brother-in-laws….DSC03583

This pic includes my parents….DSC03626

And lastly….the wedding cake. It was beautiful and looked delicious but we left before they served it…LOL! That is what happens when your kids are with the sitter : )


daphne @ flip flops and pearls said...

YAY!!! Shannon did a FAB job, but ofcourse! I am so excited to see it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

And I just read your comment on my family blog, HOW FUNNY!! Y'all were sporting the same "DO"! Yours turned out great!! I can't beleive how easy it was to do mini-me's. We found the tutorial on YouTube, lol. You look so elegant.

Great wedding images, you look so pret-tay!

Shannon said...

You looked gorgeous! Sounds like a fun weekend!


Carol said...

Lovin' the new design. It really looks amazing. I'm scheduled for an overhaul next month - I'm tired of looking at the same ole thing :)

Your hair looks great and I'm glad you got out without kids, although, sitter or not, I would have stuck around for that cake...but we all know about me and cake, right? LOL

Big Fat Gini said...

Love, love, love the new design! Fantastic!

You looked gorgeous, friend! I'm glad y'all enjoyed your $5 shoes!

AllieMakes! said...

Blog looks GREAT! Kudos to the artist!
You look fabulous(as always)! It looks like you had fun! What a fun date night! So jealous... :)

LeeAnn said...

It sounds like an awesome wedding! I just love weddings. You looked great (like you always do)...and I love your $5 shoes. I'm sure you had a great time!

Karen At Home said...

The new Blog design looks wonderful!!! Shannon did an amazing job although I am not surprised!!!

looked beautiful Jen!!! So fun!

Liz @ LivingMySweetLife said...

So pretty!! I love the braid! I did a side hairstyle for the wedding I had this weekend also, i had the hairdresser sweep it off to the side and curl it.
I didn't take any pictures since I was the maid of honor and busy the whole time, so I am still waiting for someone to tag pictures of me on fb!
and where did you get those shoes?! soooo cute!