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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Review....

So...another hectic weekend has ended. Do you feel like you are constantly running on the weekends (well, I guess why would the weekends be any different...we are running all the time, aren't we?)?  Here are the highlights...

1. Friday night - Another Bouncey birthday party. Why is this always the theme for 4-5 year olds?? It was actually really had a blast and got pretty tuckered out from running around!!

2. Christopher's last T-Ball game was Saturday morning. This was our first year playing a sport. So cute to watch. Kids really not that into it at this age...rather be picking dandelions in the outfield! But each player got a trophy....he was so excited. I guess that is what my $90 registration fee was for : )

3. Hubby worked outside on the house. He put up shutters....makes a big difference. Like the new door too??

3. Local carnival/fair Saurday night. Why is it that the attendents at every game booth and ride are missing teeth? Is that a pre-requisite to work at these things? Total waste of money...each ride was $4, plus food and games. I could have got a nice new bag for the money! Christopher wanted a goldfish ($10 later....could have just went to the pet store and bought it for a buck) and thankfully we got one. And not even due to the $10 we spent. A friend won two and graciously gave us one! Great...another thing to take care of!

4. Went 'boat' shopping. We already have a small boat but it is really not kid friendly. We weren't thinking of the future when we bought it many years ago. So, we'll see. It is a hobby we really enjoy...but it costs ALOT of money. only live once, right?

5.  Did a fundraiser walk for the National Alopecia Foundation. A little boy in my nephews class has it (it is a disorder where you lose all of your hair) and they were doing a walk to raise money. So me and my girlfriends got up early, went for breakfast and did the walk. It is always nice when you can do something to help, especially when it is a child. It was also nice to have some "me" time. Plus, I had a form of alopecia twice....lost patches of hair (stress related..LOL) but mine came back. So it hit close to home : )

6. Finished off with some trash television. New season of Kourtney and Kloe Take these Kardashion girls!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


TheMrs. said...

YES! Every weekend we are running around so much I need an extra day just to recover from Saturday. Sounds fun, did they enjoy the goldfish??

LeeAnn said...

Gotta love the bouncey birthday parties! My kid is addicted to Monkey Joe's now, thanks to all of the parties we have gone to. She loves those places!

Your son looks so cute with his trophy! I bet he was so proud!

Allie said...

Sheesh! You are busy!
Wait, you aren't a Kardashian at heart?! I mean, I am... I love that show. If only to feel normal. LOL

Christine said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

He looks so happy with his $90 trophy! :) Makes it all worth while.

The shutters look amazing! Beautiful home!

I love doing walks like that. Good for you for helping out!