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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yeah...I won something!!

So, I never win anything. These last few months since I started blogging I have been amazed at all of the giveaways that are out there. I am not sure how you really start to get involved with giving all of these great things away, but I would love to learn. Anyone that has any advice, please feel free to leave it in my comments : )   

Anyway, I was over on The Clever Mommy Chronicles where she was hosting a review and giveaway for a beautiful initial necklace from My Belle Boutique. It was a circular disc with an initial along with a silver heart charm and a little pearl charm. I love all kinds of jewelry especially Mommy jewelry. I have written a post about all the pieces I already own. You can read it here.  Anyway, I entered the giveaway and then, of course, went on to become a follower of My Belle Boutique. Well, she was hosting her own giveaway for a $10 gift certificate to her Etsy store. I entered that giveaway too. And so now what?  I WIN both! I was shocked. Going from never winning anything, to winning 2 giveaways in one week....and to the same place. How cool is that?

Kayla from My Belle Boutique was great. I send her my information for the inital necklace I won as well as what I wanted to use my $10 gift certificate for. I thought the initial necklace was so cute, I used my GC for a second necklace. I got one as a gift for my sister. I received both items within a week. I think they came out great....don't you?


LeeAnn said...

Congratulations on your win! I am finding that it is NOT all that easy to get into reviews and giveaways. And now that I have a couple, I haven't been able to enter many because of the time it takes. I'll shoot you an email sometime and tell you more.

Allie said...

I have been trying to figure a good way to do a give away. I have some kid dresses ready... It's just doing it. But not while on vacay,right?

Sippy Cup Mom said...

I am SO glad you won! I love her shop!

I actually have too many giveaways backing up, so I will try and email you tomorrow! ;-) Send me a reminder email if you want!

Steph said...

I hear you. Like Sippy Cup Mom, I have 7 reviews and giveaways waiting in the wings that are starting to back up. I think I'm going to have to post two a week for awhile! Especially since I have two fairly big ones coming up!

Congrats on your win!!!