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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pre-K Graduation…..

As you know, last Friday Christopher had his ‘graduation.’ I knew I was going to be so happy to see my little boy up on stage, singing his heart out. I also knew that my heart would sink as I thought about how it seemed like just yesterday I was taking him for walks in his infant carrier. Sitting in the rocker singing to him as a baby is now a distant memory.

I was not sure what to expect of a Pre-K ‘graduation’ and the school did not tell us much. We went in just hoping for a nice celebration. And of course Christopher wanted to dress appropriately for this special occasion. By that I mean, he wanted to wear a suit. Thankfully I found a suit jacket at Walmart for $17 so I couldn’t help but make the child happy and let him look his best.

Isn’t he so handsome???

We got to school and as we waited to go inside I was able to grab a few pics of him and his school friends. He tends to be quite popular with the ladies…

As we sat in out seats in the hot, un-airconditioned  gymnasium, my heart melted as I saw him walk in in his cap and t-shirt. In my mind I was just thinking that it is not going to be long before this is his high school graduation. I need to cherish everyday because the days, weeks and years are just flying by.

For 45 minutes we sat and listened as they sang and sang and sang. Some of the songs had lyrics where ‘the child was talking to their parent’ and as they sang, they pointed to us. That put the lump in my throat. I held back my tears and tried to keep it together.

After the singing was over, they received their ‘diploma.’ Christopher’s face lit up as they called his name. I was so proud of my 5 year old…LOL!

When it was over we said goodbye to his teachers and thanked them for a job well done. We gave them the presents we had made for them (see them on the chairs??) and handed out the goodies to his classmates.

We stayed for a few more pictures and off we went….ready for Kindergarten!!

Happy Hump Day…


Carol said...

So freakin' cute! I can't believe he wanted to dress up like that...that is so adorable! He does look like he is quite the charmer with the girls :) What fun it will be to put the Pre-K and High School graduation photos side by side one day. Where does the time go?

Momma Wilson said... could he be any cuter, such a handsome lil dude:)

Gina said...

How cute is he in his little suit jacket! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Jennifer, he is so adorable! How cute is he in that suit! I love the picture of him w/ the girls. Love it...

Coastalpines said...

So Adorable! He looks so handsome in his suit...and apparently the ladies think so too ;-)

LeeAnn said...

Damn, too bad arranged marriages aren't the thing anymore. I would have already snatched that little cutie up for Rylie! ;-)

I cannot believe he actually WANTED to wear a suit. He is beyond adorable! You may have had only boys, but I have a feeling you will ALWAYS have girls around your house...just give it a few years. LOL

I don't know how you kept from crying. Just reading this post made me tear up.

Hannah said...

OMG, he looks so cute! I love the suit!

Jamie Rubeis said...

OH! He looks so cute in his suit and tie!

Did you change your blog again or is it just me. It's been too long since I have visited!