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Monday, June 13, 2011

Some Monday Randomness…..

Good morning Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was kind of quiet since the weather was horrible. It rained and was cold. How does it go from 98 degrees and hazy, hot and humid to downpouring and 55 degress?? I will never understand the weather systems…LOL!

I figured it has been awhile since you have heard me babble some of my random thoughts. So today is as good a Monday as any to participate in Miscellany Monday….
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

ONE. One day last week my husband came home with these…
It was nice to get flowers for no reason.  It has been awhile since that happened. With two kiddos, my husband’s long work hours and life getting in the way, it was nice to be reminded of how things were many moons ago when we were newly in love…LOL!

TWO. Christopher has only 2 more days of Pre-K left and then his ‘graduation.’ I am excited to see what the kids will be doing. He has tried to keep it a surprise but every now and then he slips up and starts to tell me about a song or two they will be singing…LOL! All I know is that time is flying and I want it to stop : )

THREE. Ok…are we the only family that eats ice cream or Italian ices everyday in the summer?? I swear, as soon as the weather warms up, my kids become ice-cream-o-holics!! It doesn’t help that this guy comes around about 3 times a day….

FOUR. I will sum this story into the abbreviated version. We had new neighbors move, a younger couple that seem to like to party. I have barely spoken to them, but heard through the grapevine that they are getting married soon. Well, the the other night we went for a bike ride with the kids around the block. We see the man moving all of his belongings out of the garage an into his truck. He had a few friends there and they were all taking stuff and packing their cars up too. My husband says to me ‘something shady is going on there.’ I always try to see the good so I am thinking that maybe they are having some work done on the house and they need to move a few things. The next morning I see the girl outside on the phone and she is yelling. Of course I have to go on my deck and see that is happening. I call over to her and ask her if she is okay (she probably thinks I am crazy since I have never spoken to her before..LOL). Well, she was at her final wedding dress fitting the day before and when she came home, the house was completely emptied and her fiance was gone. No note, no phone call, nothing. He took it all. Can you imagine??? They were supposed to be getting married next week. I called the hubs to tell him he was right…there was something shady happening that day!! I am sure there is more to the story that we will never know, but I can’t help feeling terrible for her. I swear, men can sometimes really stink!!! It makes me glad I am an old married lady : )


Coastalpines said...

This weekends weather was awful; so dreary. We know our ice cream man by name and he pulls into the driveway...yes, it's that bad lol!

As for your neighbors..I am all about neighborhood drama (is that wrong!?), but that takes the cake...poor girl.

I featured my purse organizer today...seriously, I love it. I was whipping stuff out left and right over the fumbling! Thanks again :)

Gina said...

Wow - that is a crazy neighbor story!! I want to know more!! LOL!!

This weather is making me crazy too - what happened to beautiful spring-like weather???

Jacki said...

Hi, dropping by from Carissa's lowercase letters! I always say I won't eat ice cream during summer but when the heat kicks in, I can't help myself but get ice cream, ugh!

Beth said...

Number 1: Beautiful and sweet!
Number 2: My kids are all teens or college aged, so you are right--it goes in a flash. Now I reminisce way more than is probably healthy! ha!
Number 3: Everybody has a vice! Mine is Seattle's Best Latte's. Just have fun with it!
Number 4: Wow! Maybe this is a perfect opportunity to be a shoulder to cry on!

AllieMakes! said...

O M G! Hearing that story reminds me of uglier times! What a shady guy! But she will figure it out later: she will be better without him in the longrun... Yikes!

LeeAnn said...

One. Awwwww.

Two. OMG how cute! I love how he is trying to keep everything a surprise from you. ;-)

Three. Do you really let your kids get ice cream from the ice cream man? And does your husband know this? LOL That truck looks clean, I guess, so maybe it is safe. Around here, these weirdos drive around in these rickety old trucks trying to get kids to buy ice cream. Um, no thanks. We'll go to the store.

Four. Holy crap! That poor girl! Granted, there are two sides to every story, but if he did just get cold feet and leave, that is just nuts. Of course I want to know more, so you need to head over there with a bottle of wine and find out. ;-)

Have a great week! I'll try to email you tomrrow. I've been out a lot so I'm in for a crazy afternoon today. Fun.

Anonymous said...

OMG~ That is too bad for your neighbor! Tell your husband to keep those flowers coming or he might come home to a surprise one day- haha. How cute of your son to want to give you a sneak peak... so sweet ;)

Carol said...

Okay - I'm LOLing over LeeAnn's comment. That poor girl, even if she was somewhat at fault (cause it takes two to tango right), how awful to have it all go to pot a week before the big day. I'm with you, even with ups and downs of married life, it still beats the hell out of dating. :)