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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday…..

Halloween….it is was a blast. The kids had so much fun. We are going to be on a sugar high for quite awhile. I think I have enough candy to last me until Easter!!

The boys were……

They picked their costumes and since they are obsessed with the Mario Brothers, it seemed only fitting for my two little Italian boys to play  the part…lol.

We were so busy trick-or-treating that I didn’t snap many pics. When we stopped at a neighbor’s house she was kind enough to take a picture of me and the boys. My costume was a little sad this year. I was a witch, but it was totally last minute so I didn’t really do the make-up and the whole broomstick thing. I wore a hat and I sewed up a skirt that had some spiderwebs on it and I called it a day…lol. The kids were just happy I had some costume on.

Now, we all know that time is going to fly by since Halloween is over. Be prepared for Christmas music starting this weekend!!

Have a great day!


Gina said...

LOVE those costumes!

And I say bring on the Christmas music!!

LeeAnn said...

The boys look adorable as ever! And and Rylie matched. ;-)

Christmas music??? Girl, you need to respect the turkey!!!

Coastalpines said...

So cute ~ you and the boys!! Hope you all had a "lucrative" Halloween ;-)

Momma Wilson said...

how fun, and fitting for the boys:) I cannot wait for the christmas music, it's my favorite thing about this time of the year!

Carol said...

OMG - they are the cutest thing! I love their funny! Hey, you did better than me, I didn't even dress up this year, which is so disappointing! Glad y'all had fun!!

Jamie Rubeis said...

Oh my goodness. I love their costumes and you look great! I was a witch too. I think it was a theme this year for Mom's to dress up as witches.

Francis said...


Kayla said...

can we do halloween over!?!? i am not ready for christmas!!!

Seamingly Smitten said...

Your boys are so cute in their costumes! Did you make them? I love when siblings have a theme to their costumes. Your mom's surprise party looked fun. That's so sweet y'all did that for her!
Seamingly Smitten