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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Happy Almost Thanksgiving…!!  Is your turkey stuffed and your pumpkin pie in the oven?? Well, this year I am not cooking. I usually host Thanksgiving and I do enjoy doing so. But my cousin wanted to switch this year, and so I get Christmas instead.  It is a harder holiday to host, but I get that I need to play nice. We all need to take turns, right?  

With that said, my house will look like this on Christmas morning…..
In my post last week I talked about gifts and how much is the right amount to spend on the kiddos. Do they need to get the same amount of presents? Well, it got me to thinking. How are we paying for all of this?? LOL! Seems as though the holidays are costly no matter how much you spend. Not many people have extra spending money these days.

After the holidays, I always look forward to the new year when we do our taxes. Just like most of the population, there are years we have to pay and years when we get some money back. Of course I want to get money back to help pay off the Christmas bills! I always call our accountant right after the holidays to schedule an appointment. But although I think I call early enough, we sometimes don’t get in with him until right before tax day.

It made me think that it could be time to try to do our taxes on our own. This way we can do it when we want. And  just in case we need an e-file tax extension! I know a lot of people who go this route and it seems to work well for them. Regardless, I guess it needs to get done one way or another, right? LOL!

Happy Turkey Day!


Gina said...

Turbo Tax is so easy! My husband and I do our own every year. Unless you have some weird deductions or complicated business transactions, it's really pretty simple.

daphne {flip flops and pearls} said...

hollaaaa.... :)

just wait til the kids are older ....
you don't realize how easy it is to buy legos & hot wheels....wait til they need REAL WHEELS for their cars, lol!

I hope you all have the most blessed holiday tomorrow-wish we were closer so we could "CHEERS"...guess it will be virtual:)


Kayla said...

i love doing our own taxes.

Carol said...

Giiirrl...I pay someone. No chance I'm doing my own taxes, we have too many deductions and craziness - I like for someone else to be accountable for it. LOL. This year we are cash only...there will be no debt for Xmas...that's the goal anyway!