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Monday, November 21, 2011

A Surprise Party….

There are very few times in life when we are surprised. Maybe when we get engaged. Or when we have our first child. But these days, many of us need to ‘prepare’ for these big events and we don’t want to be surprised. Well, I can say with a smile that my sisters and I pulled off a surprise 60th birthday for my mom last week. There was a lot of preparing and thus it has had me quite busy lately. But it is over, it went great, and now I move on to focusing on the Holidays.

The first part of preparing for any party is the invite. And instead of having one printed or buying invites, I designed it myself.  I scanned the internet for some fun sayings and went to work. We went with a ‘shoe theme’ since my mom is a lover of shoes….lol. We combined that with fun words like ‘sassy, and ‘fabulous.’ The colors we chose for the party theme were black, pink and zebra print. I printed the invite and out in the mail they went.

Next was the favor. I was so excited to come across these adorable high heeled shoe wine stoppers. Aren’t they great??

They fit our theme perfectly. I made a tag, wrapped them up, and called it done!
Oh, I bought a few extra’s so some of you may be seeing these for Christmas….lol!

We thought it might be fun to make a collage of pictures of my mom over the years and display it at the party. So, that became another project. Searching through pictures is always fun though. We decorated the board and tied the collage into our color theme. Bad news, I forget to take a picture…lol!

By the way, when my mom saw this she said to us ‘aren’t you supposed to make a collage for a funeral?’ Real nice mom!

The cake. We were going to have a true custom cake made of a pillow with a shoe on top. But after pricing it out, it was not worth the money. Instead, we hired a magician for a little bit more….lol. But we found a great Italian bakery that made a fun sheet cake for us. It was chocolate cake with ice cream, covered in fondant. I love how it turned out!

The thank you’s. Of course I made those too. Are you seeing a pattern here?? “I” made most if the things for the party….lol. Ha, much for having 3 other sisters!

Oh, I guess I should show you some pics from the party…lol.
Okay…this is my mom walking into the restaurant. She just thought she was meeting her friend for dinner. That is her ‘surprised’ face…..

Here is my mom and all of her grandkids, except for my Anthony. He was exhausted at that point and wanted no part of the camera. So, yes, there are 6 boys and only 1 girl!

My littlest sis Jeanna, older sis Michele, my parents, me, my other little sis Nicole…..

That about wraps up the party! We all had fun, shared great food and good times.

Now I can prepare for my Black Friday shopping!
Have a great day...


Gina said...

How fun! Happy Birthday to your mom!

Big Fat Gini said...

So awesome! Surprise parties are the best! And holy cow, your mom? Totally does NOT look like she just turned 60 there! You've been blessed with good genes, friend!

Kayla said...

you had some great ideas!

Carol said...

What fun! Man, y'all have good genes, gorgeous! Love your outfit too!

Coastalpines said...

You all hit the jean pool jackpot...stunning family! It's funny that you come from a family of girls, while the next generation is mostly boys! Happy belated to your mama :)