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Friday, November 18, 2011

Enjoying leftovers more than the Thanksgiving meal ....

Guest post written by Hannah Bennet

I'm not so sure what it is about Thanksgiving 
leftovers, but I would just much rather 
prefer to eat the leftovers than the actual food. 
I just think that all of the typical Thanksgiving foods 
are so much better than when they're fresh. I've 
always been that way, so I make so much more 
food on Thanksgiving than I know that we can 
possibly eat so that we can have it for Thanksgiving 

So I like to cook with that in mind. I was online 
looking up some good leftover recipes to use in the 
days after the big meal, when I ran across the site I looked 
through it a little bit and after that I decided to 
change over my home internet service to one of 
those packages that I read about on that website.

I did find some pretty good recipes, including a 
wrap that you make using turkey slices and leftover 
cranberry sauce. Is it bad that I'm more excited 
 about that than the actual Thanksgiving meal? 
Maybe a little bit, but I'm not ashamed of it.

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