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Friday, February 25, 2011

Phone Photo Friday…

Oh..TGIF!!!  I mean that more than ever this week. Having both kids home all week was a lot, especially when a girl is PMS-ing..LOL! Thankfully we had birthday parties and lunch dates to get us out of the house. And of course, a few shopping trips : )

Here are a few quick photos for this week’s Phone Photo Friday…

Here is Anthony wearing his shades…what a face…looks like the sun still might be in his eyes with that expression!

Yesterday we took a trip to the mall. Well wouldn’t you know that just as we were driving both kids had to poop!! Thankfully I keep the portable potty in the car. Not that Christopher has ever pooped in it. I did pull over and let him ‘try’ to go. And he didn’t. I knew he wouldn’t….he only poops at home. But Anthony had gone so I figured I might as well change his diaper while we were stopped. Thankfully I have a roomy truck (which, by the way, we are turning in for a new one on Monday..stay tuned to see what we get). The joys of motherhood….

And lastly, there is a pic of what I was doing when we  were home…..playing Lego’s. Christopher is obsessed!! We need to be a little more careful these days so Anthony doesn’t end up with one in his ear..LOL!

Now it is your turn… up with us and share what is stored in that phone of yours. We can’t wait to see!

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Have a great weekend…


Day 2 Day Living said...

Oh how I miss building with kids don't like them anymore! That wouldn't have anything to do with them being teenagers would it?

AllieMakes! said...

LOL with the Legos... I can't wait to see what new truck you get!

Carol said...

Ha! It never fails. My 5 year old had an accident the other day because she couldn't get the zipper on her skirt (the kind with shorts attached underneath it) down fast enough. Why do they wait until the last possible moment?