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Monday, February 28, 2011

Miscellany Monday…..

Happy Monday!! Hope you all had a great weekend. We are now back on track….school is in session and we are following our daily routine once again! And as part of our weekly routine… are my random musings for this Monday.
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

ONE. The highlight of our weekend came on Saturday. I think I may of mentioned that we enrolled Christopher in ‘acting’ class. This child dresses up all day long. He has an incredible imagination and we just thought it might be fun for him. And we were right….he loves the class. Well, this weekend his class did a little performance of the Wizard of Oz. A few weeks in to the class he came home with a ‘script’ (hello…he cannot read…LOL) and we practiced his lines as the Tin Man. He knew every line but I wasn’t sure how he was going to do once he got up there….but he was awesome. I was so proud : )

TWO. I have come to the conclusion that I was born a klutz and will always be a klutz. And unfortunately I have passed this trait on to my child.  I must drop or bang something once every five minutes and Christopher is the same way. I am now starting to realize that so much time is taken out of my day due to the spills and messes we create that need to be cleaned up. Is there some meds I can take to make me less klutzy and more classy?? LOL!

THREE. Tonight we are picking up our new car…yeah!! Can you guess which one of these we are getting??

Happy Monday…


Day 2 Day Living said...

I am a total klutz, but the past few days have been horrible. I can't seem to hold anything in my hands. I'm constantly dropping stuff and it's rather irritating.
I hope you picked the GMC.
The pictures are adorable and the kids are so cute. I would have loved to seen that.

Lindy said...

The wizard of oz is so cute! I'm loving the new car. It looks like fun!

Big Fat Gini said...

1. So awesome! I'm sure you're the proudest mama too!

2. Um. Yup. One day, I'll write about the week I managed to slice open every finger on my right hand in the course of a week. It was all kinds of fail.

3. Hmmm....I'm gonna go with #1. Either way, I'm sure you'll LOVE it. Even if it does come with all of those wacky, newfangled gadgets!

LeeAnn said...

Happy Monday!

One. LOVE! OMG how cute! I'm so glad to hear how well he did. A star is born!

Two. I wouldn't have pegged you for a klutz, but now I am picturing you tripping all over the place and spilling everything. Thanks for the laugh. ;-)

Three. I hope it is the Ford, being that they were the only ones that didn't take the bailout money from the government. But regardless...congrats on the new car! I love getting new cars (which I probably won't be doing any time soon).

Have a great week, my friend.

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

Klutz is my middle name. Not in the family of spills though, more like hurting myself all of the time. It is crazy. Once I had so many bruises on my legs that people asked me if everything was 'okay' at home. I was so embarrassed.

Loving the cars! They all look nice and shiny and new :). We are in the market for...wait for it...a minivan. I am so NOT excited.

AllieMakes! said...

A script!! That is awesome that he did so well!
Oooh... Im gonna say the Traverse or the Ford... Hybrid by chance?? The price of gas is KILLING us here...

Kortney said...

Thanks for stopping by and following Kortney's Krazy Life! I'm following you back!

Enjoy your new ride! I'm jealous!! Lol did you get the Chevy? No wait, the Ford??? hahah I hate guessing! ;)

Carol said...

So cute! I love that you are embracing his gift! I think Camdyn would really like acting too...she's got a huge imagination!