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Monday, January 3, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday….

It is Tuesday and that means I am linking up with my friends Shannon and Daphne for another edition of Home Tour Tuesday.

With the New Year comes many new things. Most of us are apt to start to clean out closets, cabinets, toys (maybe husbands…LOL) to start fresh for the new year. This weeks theme is a ‘room makeover or remodel.” I am going to show you two rooms.

The first being the living room remodel. Note that this was done over the course of time. We have a two story home with the living room being on the top floor in the front of the house. It gets tons of light. When we first moved in I had no idea what I wanted. So we just painted the walls white and lived with that for many years. The furniture was my hubby’s from his old apartment (can’t you tell, it is black leather…LOL).

Here is the before shot looking from down the hallway….

Here is the after looking from the same angle…….
I think the biggest difference is just from the paint. The walls are a warm green and not that stark white. We obviously got new plush furniture including a chaise. I always wanted one in my bedroom, but my room is too small so I settled for one in the living room. We do not have a tv in this room. It is our ‘entertaining’ room and we like it like that…no kids Smile.

This angle is from the dining room. The two rooms open up to eachother. When we remodeled one, we had to do the other.  Doesn’t it look so bare?? How did I live like this?

The after….
We painted two of the walls a mocha color for a little bit of contrast. Of course we got some window treatments, light fixtures and accessories. It is much cozier now. I am sure it will be like this for many more years….LOL. 

Next…on to the kitchen. I had posted pics of this room for a previous HTT post. So, I am not going to go into all the hoopla. You can tell from the pictures what we did. And know that my hubby did all of the work himself!! He is so anal with certain things that sometimes it drives me nuts. But in the end, he does beautiful work and I appreciate it greatly. I forgot to take pictures of the ‘before’ so I only have one.

The before……

The after……

Have a great Tuesday everyone....


flip flops and pearls said...

Oh wow, your home looks AWESOME!!!!!!! How exciting is this?? Don't cha just love it?

Thanks for linking up with Shannon & I today-
hope your day is blessed!


Carol said...

These rooms are gorgeous! You have a knack for interior design, my friend. Although, i shouldn't be suprised given your general penchant toward creativity! These rooms are simply beautiful! Now, I gotta get you to come to my house and help me with my living room/dining room situation!

Shannon said...

Thanks for linking up, Jennifer! That kitchen is an amazing makeover! I also really love the new paint color in your living/family room! So lovely!

Have a great Tuesday!

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

It looks fantastic! You have a great sense of design.

Karen At Home said...

I love the kitchen! I think we may have the same valance, is it from Target???

SueMac said...

That looks so great! Can Hubs come do my kitchen? Please?

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Some pretty big changes ya'll did. Looks great. I think paint is the easiest way to get a dramatic change. Love the back splash in the kitchen. I am a new follower, found ya at HTT.

Kristy said...

Amazing how much of a change from the plain white walls. The room looks beautiful!

Hannah said...

Love the remodels! It is so funny because the first picture is totally a mans room. Black leather and very little decor. I love how you changed it and love the wall color! Also your kitchen looks awesome!

Liz @ LivingMySweetLife said...

what a beautiful home you have! I love the wall colors, and those couches look insanely comfortable. I hope you have a wonderful new year!
And we're practically neighbors! You're the first NYer blogger I've "met" since blogging!

Momma Wilson said...

WOW!!! All of your remodels look amazing!!!

AllieMakes! said...

Such HUGE transformations! WOW! It is just beautiful! Good job on all the work!