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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday…

We all have started to clean, organize, remodel and renovate with the start of the New Year. What better topic for Home Tour Tuesday than…. ‘show us your laundry room.’ This is the where the ‘clean’ happens!

I am going to show you my laundry room inspirations. These are the rooms I wish I had. If my house was bigger and I had more space….I would be able to be more organized and maybe a bit neater.
laundrylaundry 2
Don’t these rooms look too nice to be a laundry room??

Let me first tell you that my laundry room is inside my garage. Thankfully I do not have to walk outside. It is downstairs off of our office/sewing room. That means I do have to walk up and down with the baskets. Hugh!!

View as I walk through to the back of the garage where the laundry room is located. Horrible, isn’t it?? I should be embarrassed : )

The room is not very wide…I just fit in front of the machines to put the clothes in…LOL!

Luckily I at least have a shelf above to store my detergent!

This is my lovely view next to the machines…..

Now you know why I showed you the ‘inspiration’ rooms first!

Have a great day….


Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

LOVE, love love that yellow cheerful! I figure with as much time as I spend in it (as mine's also a room of crafting and storage), might as well be fun and cheery! Also, love the cabinet doors that hide the washer/dryer. My laundry room currently looks about the same as yours! :-) We girls can dream!
New followers, found you through Shannon, have a great day! xoxo Miss SLPS

Gina said...

LOL - that's almost exactly how my laundry room looks! Not the romantic scene you see in magazines!

Shannon said...

Love the inspiration photos! You are so right, we can dream can't we! Hope you have a great Tuesday, Jennifer! Thanks for linking up!

Kristy said...

Beautiful inspirations! :) Yep, I've got high hopes for my laundry room if ever I get the opportunity to custom design my own house

Big Fat Gini said...

We have the same taste! That first inspiration picture is gorgeous!

My laundry room is in the garage. It's not so much of a big deal really, since it's rarely cold (usually stifling hot) enough to freeze half to death out there. But, it is kind of annoying in the summers when your washing machine can turn into a tub of mildew if you don't catch it quickly enough...

Eew, huh?

flip flops and pearls said...

Jennifer, thanks for playing along girlie!

Love your inspiration and I can imagine not wanting to "decorate" since it's in the garage. I totally get that. I fI didn't see mine from the kitchen and/going upstiars OR into my garage, I may not "dress it up" lol/

1ne Proud Mama said...

Those are NICE! I finally have a bigger laundry room with our house now, but it lacks character for sure!

Kerri said...

Thanks for making me feel normal!
-yours in shared horribleness and dreaming...Kerri

Carol said...

Girl - I think most laundry rooms look like yours. We recently moved and I finally got an indoor laundry room, although it is tiny and a mess. When my laundry was in the gargage we couldn't even park a car in the garage or we wouldn't be able to walk to the washer/dryer - I've felt your pain!

AllieMakes! said...

Unfortunately for both you and I, we have identical laundry rooms! LOL
We talk about "finishing" ours or even just making it be somewhere pleasant and then we remeber just how much we don't like doing laundry... And we move on to other projects.