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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday…

This week’s Home Tour Tuesday is “Light’s Out – what is on your nightstand?”  I have to say, I am liking this HTT linky. I love seeing in people’s homes to get ideas and inspiration. So I am in my glory that I get to see people’s homes as I sit in my pj’s and drink a cup of coffee!

I have showed you my bedroom before. Now, please remember that the furniture in our room is typical ‘guido male’ furniture. The hubs picked it out when we moved in (11 years ago) and I agreed. What was I thinking?? I hate it. There is way too much glass and mirror. But the argument is that the hubs doesn’t not see spending money to buy a new set when there is ‘nothing wrong’ with the furniture we have. So, I guess I am stuck until it ‘accidentally’ starts to break.

Now, our nightstands are build in. I have to say, there is nothing too exciting on my side.  Of course, there are pictures of the kids and of the hubs and I. Now that I look at it, I do not have a picture of Anthony on my side. I think I may need to re-arrange…LOL! I have the video monitor but I never use it. It is time to pack that away. I can see in the kids’ rooms from my bed. Heck, they just come walking in anyway. And I also have a clock. Chris has the 'alarm clock’ on his side, but I need my own.

There are a few things that I keep in the top draw next to me. But first note the clock…it has the weather. Since I never watch the news and I need to know the weather, this is perfect. Please also pay attention to the temperature yesterday. Yes, it says 28 degrees. Okay, on to the draw items. I need to keep lotion as I am constantly lathering up. This cold weather is not good for your hands! The remote is on my side. I tend to go to bed last and I like to watch tv before I fall asleep. And lastly, a pacifier. Anthony tends to come strolling in our room at some point in the night and I like to have one 'in case' he needs it..LOL. I told you, not too exciting!!

Happy Tuesday!


Liz @ LivingMySweetLife said...

"the furniture in our room is typical ‘guido male’ furniture." LOL! i cracked up, When I moved in with my husband I made one rule *I* pick the furniture. It's worked out OK.. except for the ugly red couches I insisted on having, Oh yeah and my dark blue bedroom that I am now sick of lol

I love the new header! your boys are too cute!!

flip flops and pearls said...

I am about to wet my pants here....on that last image, I didn't totally focus on the "lotion" and lets just say, i thought it was something else ;) hahahaha

Thanks for linking up and playing along. You have a lot of room to store things. I think i need a bigger nightstand:)

Have a great day,

Sippy Cup Mom said...

I love the new looks!

I like the built in nightstands, very cool and so much room!

AllieMakes! said...

I have hand cream and a remote next to mine too. And Computer and mouse... Sad. It is sometimes the only place to "catch up".
I wish I could have gotten A to use a bink... Lucky you!

Kristy said...

So it is kinda nice to have the nightstands built in. And the shelves are nice for picture frames :)
And I'm no stranger to a pacificer stash around the house!

Big Fat Gini said...

First, I love the new layout! It looks great!

Second...okay, so the furniture isn't exactly up to date, but I love that you have built-in nightstands. Ours are mix/match and I cannot wait to get new furniture.

The remote is always on my side, along with hand lotion too!

1ne Proud Mama said...

Thanks for the tips. I changed my settings. I never knew you could do that. Makes sense!

Carol said...

I lovie your new header! Awesome! That guido line was a've worked with it well, I love your bedding! BTW, just noticed you aren't on my blogroll - I must fix that ASAP!