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Monday, January 3, 2011

I am back with a quick Christmas Re-cap…

Hello all and Happy New Year!!
I am so glad to be back from bloggy vacation and to start to catch up with all my bloggy buddies. I have to say, I am relieved that the holidays are over and that a new year is upon us. I need to get back to our regular routine and have some ‘normalcy.’ For those of you who have been blogging this last week, I know that you are over the Christmas posts already!! But I could not start this week without at least one post to recap the holidays.

We would usually spend Christmas Eve with my family and do the traditional Italian dinner of the seven fishes. I was supposed to be hosting this year too. But everyone on my side was sick, so we decided to cancel and spend New Year’s Eve together instead. So we ended up going to my in-laws on the Eve. It was quiet but the kids got to open their first of many rounds of presents.

Then on to Christmas morning. Christopher was so excited to get up and see if Santa had come. I have to say, this is a great age. I do not know how long kids really ‘believe’ in Santa, so I am cherishing it as long as I can.
Christopher as he came down to see the presents under the tree. Note – the ‘Harry Potter’ glasses he is wearing. They were in his stocking and he would not take them off : )

The hubs and I kind of got into a ‘discussion’ on how many presents were under the tree. I will have to save that for a whole other post. Needless to say, he thought there should have been more!!

Anthony was really not into the whole present thing at all. I thought he would at least like to rip open the wrapping paper. But he really could have cared less.

All in all, the kids were happy. Christopher got practically everything on his list. And Anthony got way more than he needed, since he really didn’t need anything in the first place.

I must have been good too. Santa left me lots of goodies including new Uggs, a Coach wallet, and tons of new clothes and pj’s. I am beginning to think ‘Santa’ now realizes how much we deserve as moms…LOL!

Later that day we went to my hubby’s cousins for Christmas dinner. The kids were excited to open more presents. Note – this is the third round of presents and my hubby thought they needed more???
We tried to get all of the ‘family’ pics taken as soon as we got there to get it over with..LOL!


Presents again. Anthony was no where to be found but Christopher could wait to see what else he had gotten…..

An lastly, a holiday with our family would not be complete without playing Wii……

We rang in the New Year with a celebration at our house with my family. Not sure if you all know, but I am one of 4 girls. We are all married but one and between us there are 7 kids, 6 boys and 1 girl. So just imagine the mayhem of them all running around like nuts. We ate, drank and opened more presents.

The boys waiting patiently as we begin to sort present piles....

The end of the night...I think we were all over Christmas at this point after what felt like a week long celebration of opening presents : )

Now we begin 2011 with new resolutions and new goals. I wish nothing but health, love and happiness for you all. I know that great things will happen and I hope we are all here blogging about them.....

Happy Monday!!


Gina said...

What great pictures - great that you were able to spread the holiday out, but I know what you mean about being over it already!

Happy New Year!

flip flops and pearls said...


Sounds like a great holiday.
Love seeing all your pictures and the shirts with the ties, OMGAWD! How cute are they??

Happy Monday,

Big Fat Gini said...

So fun! I love, love, love those HP glasses, too! Where did you find the shirts with the ties? I think our boys need them!

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Shannon said...

Love the HP glasses, too cute! So many presents, so little time for your little guys, right!

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

Happy New Year, girlie! I have a feeling 2011 will be the best one yet!

1Ne PRouD MaMa said...

Oh my gosh...the Harry Potter glasses are awesome! Glad you all had a good Christmas and New Years. Welcome Back!

AllieMakes! said...

Yay! You are back! It looks like you had a WONDERFUl holiday! We must catch up soon!
And, I think "Santa" knows you are the best mom of all! That's why you were so blessed!

Carol said...

It looks like the boys had plenty of gifts! I'm dying over their t-shirts with the ties on cute! Somehow I never manage to get a family photo...I don't have one from Xmas or New Years. I guess that's what happens when I refuse to put the camera down or hand it off :)

Hannah said...

Wow, what a great time for all of you! I am like your husband, I always feel like there could be more under the tree for the boys. My hubby is the opposite, he kept reminding me they had birthday's coming up in a month and that they didn't need that much LOL. Who said anything about "needing" =) I am glad you all had a wonderful holiday season. I too am happy for life to get back to normal also!