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Monday, April 4, 2011

The last Lego themed party post!

Happy Monday blogland!! We had a great weekend but I am so glad it is over. I am exhausted for all of the partying we have been doing these last 2 weeks! I am hoping to get back to ‘normal’ in real life and here on my blog.

Friday was Christopher’s real birthday (yes, April Fool’s Day…and the joke was on me that day…LOL). We celebrated that day and then again on Saturday when we had his kiddie party at the local kid’s gym. He had a blast at the party and I think all of the kid’s did too. I am going to make this post more about the details of the Lego party. I was so thankful when I was planning his party to see what other mom’s did, that I am hoping to share my ideas in the hopes to help others.

You can read here about some of the crafts I made for the first Lego party that we had last week at home with the family. I tried to re-use what I could for the kiddie party. The Lego heads, Lego bodies and the name signs were all used again as d├ęcor at the gym party.

Here  are the goodie bags. They were just yellow party bags that I drew on with sharpie markers to create the different faces.

Both the boys and girls goodie bags had candy and a glowstick. The boys also had a Lego that they could build at home.

I tried to incorporate the Lego theme for the girls goodie bags. I decided to make them a Lego headband. I thought they came out cute. I even made one for myself and wore it to the party!

My niece told me that ‘plastic headbands hurt her head’ so I was nice enough to make her a Lego necklace instead!

Christopher of course had to have his Lego crown!

I figured it would be a good idea to make name badge pins for all of the guests. This way it would be easier for the teachers at the gym to yell at the kids…LOL!

Lastly, was the cupcakes and the cakes. I just made regular chocolate cupcakes and topped them with different Lego themed graphics.

I made 2 cakes, the Lego head cake from last weeks party and this one too!

And I leave you with at least one picture from the party...US. Note - the boys are wearing the Lego birthday shirts I made them and I am wearing my own ‘Head of the House’ Lego shirt!! LOL!

Happy Monday....


Gina said...

So cool! LOVE the Lego theme!

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

these lego ideas are all so super cute! I am loving it. Will have to keep it mind for out little boy on the way :)

daphne (flip flops and pearls) said...

Oh yay, now you can rest and enjoy the peace (and some wine, lol)

Everything turned out great. I can't believe all the creativity you have, you amaze me girl:)

Happy Monday Friend,

Momma Wilson said...

omg, love it!!! you totally rocked the party theme:)

LeeAnn said...

Happy Birthday Christopher! Everything was so cute! I'm sure it was a super fun party. I love MyGym parties!!!

I imagine you are exhausted. I guess the only good thing about having both birthdays so close together is that now you are done until next year! :-)

Have a great week!

Carol said...

Love your shirt! Man, you really know how to throw a party! I am year, I should attempt a theme. Great Job, Jenn! I'm sure all the kids had a great time!

Jamie Rubeis said...

Those cupcakes are cute.

Wait...where is Dad's Lego shirt? LOL!

Lori said...

SO CUTE. You are such a creative mama, your boys are too lucky!

Love the name tags-- were there 2 isabella's?

J A C Q U E L I N E said...

You know how to party! Everything was so cute and well thought out! I love it!

Delia said...

What awesome ideas! I love that you made Lego headbands! Ahhh! So cool. Great job.

Shannon said...

So cute! You did a great job Jennifer and I'm sure everyone loved it!


(And Happy belated Birthday to Christopher and April Fool's baby, how sweet!)

Cat said...

Oh...what a cool theme! I still love legos (the bright colors...the possibilities :)) even though I am all grown up :)

Coastalpines said...

I am sooo stealing some of your ideas lol! The gifts bags...awesome and economical, the nametags, the headbands...just fabulous! You guys are a great looking bunch ~ nice family pic xoxo

Sick by Trend said...

hahah IN LOVE WITH THAT BAGS!!!!!!! fabulous! I'm following! great ideas!

Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



Jumping Jack said...

So cute! Those treat bags are adorable! I love your shirt too and those headbands! ::LOVE::

Hope you're getting some rest from all the festivities.

AllieMakes! said...

Oh MY! You did an AMAZING job!! Those headbands are THE BEST!! You should have an etsy shop and sell them! There are techie girls that will snatch those up!

Liz @ LivingMySweetLife said...

Your party looks wonderful!!!! Your boys are so stinking cute!!!!