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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One birthday down, one to go!

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Sorry we have been a little MIA…I told you that we are in birthday party mode all week : )

Anthony’s real birthday was this past Sunday. He is now 2. I can’t even believe it. I feel like being pregnant with him was only yesterday. It is crazy. Anyway, Christopher’s birthday is this upcoming Friday. So we celebrated both boys this weekend with my husband’s family. Since it was the house party, I did not have to do all of the goodie bags and as many decorations. There was only a few kids, so I tried to keep it simple. Next week’s party will be more involved.

Believe it or not, I didn’t snap as many photos as I wanted. You know how that goes…..when you are hosting, you never sit.

We went with the Lego theme……here was our inspiration.

Of course I needed to make both boys Lego birthday party shirts. I created the image on the computer, printed on iron-on paper and just sewed a border around them. Anthony got a crown with Lego heads since it was his ‘real’ birthday….LOL!

I used my new Silhouette SD machine to make some of the decorations. I posted this on the door…
DSC03318 DSC03317

There were Lego heads and bodies all over the place….

I also got square plates from Walmart and used a Sharpie to draw a face. Yes, there were some relatives that questioned this. But, it doesn’t come off. Oh, well, you ate a little bit of marker : )

We had two cakes….the top one is from the bakery. But I wasn’t sure that the kids would eat it since it had cannoli filling, so I made chocolate cake for the kiddos.

And finally….I was able to get one shot with each of my boys.

First party is done and was a success. Now on to the next!

Thanks to delia for all of her great party ideas!!


Kristy said...

What a cute party! My boys' b-days are also quite close together (but by 5 yrs) and the oldest refuses to have a "together" party :)

Daphne (Flip Flops and Pearls) said...


Your so creative, LOL at the marker comment on the plate. Hey, it's cake, eat it and be happy:)

You look great girl. Those babies are too cute.
Glad to hear all that is going well.

Hope your week is fab-

Big Fat Gini said...

Yep. We've totally done the Lego theme birthday party here too! I absolutely LOVE the square plates with the face drawn on. Totally clever!

Hope he had a great day!

Momma Wilson said...

such a cute party and great decorations momma!!!

happy birthday to your boys:)

The White House said...

Hahahaha!! So, you ate a little marker! Hilarious! They'll get over it! Great job!

Jumping Jack said...

Everything turned out so cute! The face on the plates was a great idea!

Anthony's hat is too cute!

Lori said...

CUTE!!! Love all of the details, especially loving the lego cake and the hat/crown! :) Your boys are gorgeous by the way.

if you haven't entered yet, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog..

LeeAnn said...

OK so if that was a party without that many decorations, I can't wait to see the pictures from this weekend's bash! ;-) It looked like a great party, and everything was so cute! I love the boys' shirts. And I gotta say...I probably wouldn't eat off the Sharpie plates, but does that surprise you? LOL

I hope you're having a great week!

Carol said...

Girl - you totally went all out, at least by my standards! Awesome job, I am inspired by the way you through a party! The "oh, well, they ate a little marker" line made me LOL.

He looks so much older than 2! I wish our newly 2 year olds could play together :)

Val said...

What an adorable party!!

Liz @ LivingMySweetLife said...

Happy happy Birthday to them! they are too cute!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lego theme!!!!
And I really love their Birthday shirts, it's not a real party unless you have a birthday shirt!!

AllieMakes! said...

SO stinking cute!! AWESOME job!
I'd eat the marker! LOL!!