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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Engagement Party…

What a week!! The weather has been UNBEARABLE here and we have been busy, busy, busy!! The big news was this past weekend was my sister’s engagement party. She had gotten engaged a few months back and I have been helping her plan her party. I think I am also going to be the ‘unofficial’ wedding planner..LOL! I enjoy it though. Having planned my own wedding and been through the process before, I know what mistakes not to make this time.

We did a few things before the party, including making the favors and wine glasses for the bridesmaids. We went back and forth on the favors and finally decided on chocolate candy bars. I have done them in the past and knew it would take me no time to whip up a wrapper. The ‘theme’ per say was Kim Anderson’s images of the little boys and girls getting married. Funny, I did the same thing at my engagement party 9 years ago. I guess sister’s think alike..LOL!

Here is what we came up with….the front image matched the balloons on the tables so it was all cohesive.

The back image had a saying that she liked…“behind every great love is a great story’ along with the cutesy ingredient wording.

We wrapped plain Hershey’s bars in foil and then added the printed wrapper and we were done!

I then used my handy Silhouette machine to add  the names of all of the bridesmaids on to wine glasses. She saw this idea on Etsy and was going to buy them but I knew I could do it for virtually nothing. She picked up the glasses at the Dollar Tree and I went to work again.

In addition to the names, I added an engagement ring next to the name (you can’t see it, sorry my picture is bad!). Wrap a ribbon on the bottom and stuff with some printed tissue and call it a day.

The party was fun. My sister Jeanna and her fiance Greg had a great time as did everyone else. The music played and the kids danced and it was a blast. It was nice to get ‘dressed up’ with the whole family and close friends for a good time.

Here is Jeanna and Greg….

Me and all of my sisters….

And of course, me and my kiddos (with my nephew giving Christopher the horns…LOL)!

More engagement posts to come…..


Gina said...

So cute! Love that last pic - even with the horns LOL!!

Big Fat Gini said...

So fun! And you and your sisters are gorgeous! I hope the wedding is beautiful and I can't wait to hear all about your planning!

Carol said...

Y'all are gorgeous! I tell ya that Silouette machine has paid for itself a hundered times over, hasn't it? The glasses turned out great!

I love that you called them horns instead of bunny ears :)

AllieMakes! said...

So pretty! All of you! I want you to plan my wedding!