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Monday, March 14, 2011

Miscellany Monday…

I am going to start off saying that I hope everyone is saying a little prayer this week for all of those who suffered loss during the horrific tragedy in Japan.  I am still trying to comprehend the magnitude of what happened!! The whole thing is just unbelievable to me. With that said… are some of my random thoughts for today….
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

ONE. Okay…I am still on the earthquake here. How does this happen?? I mean, I understand and I have watched the news, but it just seems so odd to me. The magnitude of what mother nature can do is just amazing. So amazing that it is probably the scariest thing in the world. That in the blink of an eye, all that we know can be destroyed. It makes me appreciate all I have a lot more and reminds me that we are just visiting on this planet called Earth. If anyone knows of any ways to help, please spread the word.

TWO. On a much lighter note, I was at the mall yesterday and I am so excited for Spring to come. There are so many cute prints out that I am just dying to buy some new clothes. I love dresses and skirts in the Spring and Summer and I am thrilled that both are going to be big again this year. And have you seen all of the hot espadrilles?? I love them, although they are really not practical for a mom of 2 little ones…LOL!

THREE. So, does it seem like bloggy land is rather quiet these days?? I feel like I am seeing less and less posts from a few of my favorite bloggers : (  I know we are all busy and have a lot going on. But blogging is what you want it to be. I know that I am not here to reach a million followers or to make millions of dollars. I truly enjoy meeting others and getting to know them. I love all of the talented people that are out there and it inspires me to want to learn and try new things. Once you feel like blogging has become a ‘job’ it is not fun anymore. But for those of you who need a break, remember you truly have people out there that care about you. And we don’t need you to post everyday…..just fill us in once in a blue moon so we can see your cute kids and your creative crafts!!

Happy Monday!!


Daphne (Flip Flops and Pearls) said...

ha, it was quiet cause I was gone for 2 weeks BUT GUESS WHAT?? I AM BACK, haha-

I hope you have been well-
the entire Japan thing breaks my heart.

Cute shoes....I'd be in ankle casts if I attempted to walk in any of those. If it's taller than a flip flop it usually isn't the prettiest right to see!

♥, D

Big Fat Gini said...

1. I know. I'm totally heartbroken over it. I had been gone most of the morning on Friday and missed a majority of the news (that's not like me at all) and so once I started catching up on everything I just sat there and cried. Here, we have to worry about hurricanes and tornadoes. But we have warning for most of that. I can't imagine just waking up to the earth shaking...

2. CUTE! And Louboutin at that. I think espadrilles are totally mom wear. It's the stilletos that crack me up!

3. I think it's honestly just the season. It's finally warming up, the kids are getting out for Spring Break...spring fever!

AllieMakes! said...

Hey girlie! I am shocked at the devestation also! My father always says after a castrophe like this: This just shows ya that you can't take it with you... Do you need all of this or all of that???
He is that voice of reason I need lots...
I passed a Bakers the other day and was FRIGHTENED at the 7 inch stiletto platforms! I love a cute platform and summer shoes are my absolute favoorite, but these are not practical for about 99% of the population, lol Besides, I would top 6 and half feet tall in those babies, not happening!
I think the flu/cold season this year was brutal. The virus we had, felt like if was multiplied by 10! I have not been that sick in AGES. Glad to be back! Hopefully I can make lots of noise for you! :)

Rachel said...

I know --- so hard to see those images of Japan. It really wakes me up to the preciousness of life.

And I agree --it's probably just spring. Well, for all those lucky enough to be away from snow. Unlike me. Here in Minnesota.



Shannon said...

Come on ready for brighter and warmer days!

Cute shoes, girl!

Yes, I think you're correct in your observation of blogworld. And like you, it's not all about the number of posts. I know personally I've scaled way back, but luckily have been able to maintain the friendships I've made through blogging! You included, my friend!

Life is just busy for everyone and families take precedence over posting! :) But it is fun to catch up, whenever that may be!

(And I actually did post today---with a pic or 2 of GG...we're finally all better around here!)

Enjoy your day, Jennifer!


LeeAnn said...

1. It is amazing (and not in a good way) what mother nature can do. The worst part is that Japan is a developed country and they thought they were prepared for earthquakes. Crazy! My heart goes out to all of the people that were affected by that.

2. I wish I looked good in dresses! Well, that, and that my thighs wouldn't rub together when I wear them. I'm hoping to lose a little more weight before the summer, so who knows. And while those shoes are super cute, they can't possibly be comfortable! :-P

3. Are you directing that comment to anyone in particular? ;-) You know my situation, and hopefully I can get caught up and get back to real blogging soon. You are absolutely right that when it becomes a job it isn't fun anymore. Trust me, I know!

Carol said...

The Japan thing blows my mind. It seems like there has been so many huge natural disasters. I know it's the way the world turns, but still, it's unnerving. I guess it makes you appreciate everyday - there are no guarantees.

Love the shoes, but would probably only wear them once ;)

It does seem like bloggy land is quiet...I think it goes in cycle...spring is in the air!

PS: Just noticed that I don't have your button on my blog - I'm adding it now!

Jamie Rubeis said...

Sometimes i cannot pry myself away from the news channel just watching whats going on over there. It really puts things into perspective. We sit over here comfy in our homes watching the final rose ceremony of The Bachelor while familes in Japan are without food, homes, loved ones! I just really pray for that country right now. Its so horrible.

Lori said...

You know what, I totally agree with you about blogging. Those who blog for money end up changing their blogs for their readers and in my opinion, don't connect with their readers as well.

New follower here, please stop on by..