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Monday, November 8, 2010

Miscellany Monday...

Hello friends : ) Hope everyone had a great weekend. We have a million things to do today and of course the weather is raining and nasty. So this post is going to be short and sweet. Here are some of my random musings for today...

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

ONE. Who in the world thought to change the clocks forward and backwards??? All I know is that my kids and I are all off schedule. It is going to take a week for us to get it together...LOL! Why can't it just be light out until 8pm all year round??

TWO. Next, why is it that childrens medicines all taste like crap?? Anthony has an ear infection (that is a whole other story) and a sinus infection. The first medicine the doctor gave him was horrible. He spit it right back at me. I had the doctor change it to something else....and this one is worse. It is torture to hold my kid down to get him to take it. Please, drug company CEO's.....don't you have kids.....make the meds taste better!! Ever hear of cherry or grape??

THREE. I was putting the kids on the car the other day (coming out of the drug store to pick up Anthony's meds) and I had both car doors open as I was getting the kids in their seats. There was a women wanting to get in the spot next to me but my door was open. I signaled to her to wait just a moment. If looks could kill, I would be dead and not sitting here blogging! After she got out of the car I said to her that I just needed a minute to ge the kids in and I was sorry it took me so long. She told me I needed to hurry up and that I was being inconsiderate. I swear, I wanted to knock her out!! How rude can people be?? I said a few choice words to her, but would have loved to say more...but since I had the kids, I kept it under control. The thought of actually keying her car entered my mind. But I know I am better than that. All I know is that I hope I don't ever get to the point in my life where I become that miserable : )

Have a great day...


Francis said...

omg I have had that happened to me when Im putting my kids in the car, and I get all anxious to try to do it as fast as I can, but seriosuly people can be so rude!!! dont they get that you are putting your kids in safely and dont want to rush because they want to park next to you!!!

Shannon said...

What is it with people not helping a momma out..I've had the car thing happen to me so many times and there are always a million and one other spots open! Sheesh, some people!

I just remember one medicine tasting was bubblegum flavor and bright pink! The rest was always awful!

Time change is so useless nowadays...I mean come on, how many kids are getting up to plow the fields before school anymore?

Hannah said...

I love your list. I so feel you on all them! The time change is a pain, Wyatt has an ear infection too and giving a almost 2 year old ear drops is like wrestling an animal, and I can't stand people like that lady! If you are in that big of a hurry park somewhere else! I hope this week is a good one for you!

AllieMakes! said...

Aww.. Poor Anthony! Our Target asks what flavor you want to flavor the kid's stuff. The last one, however, it was kind of pointless, the stuff just was TOO nasty to be covered.
And, I would have taken my SWEET time if she gave me a crusty! Seriously! That 45 seconds is going to make her day even worse... I don't think so! Her additude is doing that for her! WoW!

Carol said...

I think that AZ and NV may be the only states that don't change their clocks. I think they have the right concept!

That lady would have irked me too...People are always in such a rush. I like to kill people with kindness when things like that happen, I often say "Jesus Loves You" or something that is bound to make them feel uncomfortable and sheepish for their behavior. It's passive/aggressive...but it beats yelling obsenities even though that's what I'm doing in my head.

LeeAnn said...

I love your Monday posts! You usually have at least one I can relate to. Today I have comments on all three. Lucky you! LOL

One. I used to LOVE when daylight savings time was over. Now that I have kids, though, I hate it. I hate that it is dark when I pick them up, and that we can't play outside after dinner. Boo hoo.

Two. My kids have never had a problem taking medicine. Bryce even had some white medicine that tasted like chalk to me, and he loved it. Apparently they are weird like that. I hope Anthony is feeling better. I know how hard on the kid and the parents ear infections can be. Poor little guy.

Three. I actually get amused when someone follows me to my car when I am pushing my double stroller. Really? You're going to wait for THIS parking spot? HAHAHAHA Plan to be sitting for a while. That was so nice of you to apologize to her for taking so long. I wouldn't have done it. I'm sure she could have parked somewhere else and I would have told her so. But I'm with you...I hope I never become that miserable.

Have a great week!