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Friday, November 5, 2010

Two big purchases this weekend....

Happy Friday everyone! I have to say I am very excited to go shopping this weekend. As you know, I have been sewing alot lately. And when you see the set-up I have, meaning where I have been sewing, you are going to die. So, I figured it was time to move up and get a big girl sewing table. I ordered it a few weeks ago and it is finally in. We are going to pick it up over the weekend and hopefully put it together too. I don't have alot of room where I am going to put it, so it needed to be compact. The room is currently an office and I am not ready to 'convert' it to a craft/sewing room just yet. So, we will have to share the space.

This is the one I ordered....hopefully it will be just as nice in person and not too hard to put together!
Next on the shopping list is a little couch for the kids playroom. I had cleaned it out and organized it a few weeks back in order to make room for a sitting area. There is a tv in there already, but we only have one chair. That means the boys are constantly fighting to sit in it. I had found a cute little couch a few weeks back at a local kids furniture store. I went back with the hubby a day later and it was gone! I was so mad because they were not able to order it. So, yesterday I headed to Ikea. I found a similar one that was actually a little bit bigger and cheaper! Can't beat that : )

So, I hope to have my new purchases put together and in their spots to show you next week. By the way, my hubby is going to be going away alot in the next few weeks hunting, so that is probably why I am getting to buy these two bigger items...LOL! It is okay with me :)  Have a great weekend everyone!


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

that craft/sewing table is such a good idea!!!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Wow, those are two great purchases!

Shannon said...

Have fun shopping! That sewing table is awesome!

AllieMakes! said...

Oooh! That table will be nice! you cna tuck it all away! Very cool! And the kid couch is very cool! I love that it "rolls" out for easy resting spot. Good purchases!

Carol said...

Loving the sewing looks like it has a ton of storage in it.

We are looking for a couch exactly like that for our girls' playroom. A trip to IKEA might be warranted.

I think your Hubby has it figured out, something for him and something for you :) You're a lucky girl!